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Wildlife Removal Advice - What kind of noises and sounds do bats make when they live in your house?

What kind of noises and sounds do bats make when they live in your house?

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One kind of critter that no one really likes to find swooping around their home is a bat. These are vile creatures that can be quite dangerous to you on many levels. Not only is in an issue of them biting you, thus creating an injury or spreading their disease, but the feces and urine of this animal can be just as dangerous to you as if you are bitten. Pathogens and diseases are carried inside the waste of a bat, and can become airborne when it dries. This can pose a serious health risk for you, your family, or your pets, and this is why it is imperative that you keep these animals out of your home.

Sadly, there are many instances where a bat has found some kind of access into your home and is now living in your attic or inside the walls of your house. They find this to be the ideal location to live, because it provides them with a place that offers relative solitude and a lot of darkness.

Bats are nocturnal creatures meaning that they sleep during the day and head out during the night. This is where you were going to get some help in discovering if a bat is in your home. What you need to know our what kind of noises and sounds bats make when they live inside a house so that you can tell one or a group is there.

First, it is important to understand that bats like to live in colonies. If one is living inside your house, it would not be surprising to know that there are others. This may be disheartening to you, but it will also be a helpful indicator of if you have a problem or not.

Because bats come out at night, this means that you will hear a lot more sounds from them during the darkest portion of the night than you would at any other part of the day. So that means as you are about to head to sleep, you need to pay attention for noises that seem out of the ordinary.

The first of these is a rustling sound relating to a bat flapping. No matter where they are in the attic or wall of your home, they will be moving around by flying. This will make some sounds that should be quite distinguishable to you and let you know that a bat or bats are living there.

It is not uncommon to hear scratching noises either. They will land at some point on the floor or within the walls, and will attempt to scurry their way around to either get food or to move to a new location. If you have a group of them, this noise will be greatly magnified and make it even easier for you to hear them.

If you have any thought that a group of bats may have gotten into your home, it is good for you to spend some time simply listening at night to see if you can hear any of these kinds of noises.

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