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Miami Animal Removal - Critter Removal in Hialeah, FL

Hialeah Animal Control & Pest Wildlife Removal
In Miami-Dade County, FL

Miami Animal Removal
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Please, no calls about DOG or CAT problems. Call animal services: (305) 884-1101

  We operate in Miami Lakes, Hialeah Gardens, Opalocka, and Carol City.  Official company email address: caught1@gmail.com   
Miami Animal Removal provides professional wildlife control for both residential & commercial customers in the city of Hialeah in Florida. We can handle almost any type of wild animal problem, from squirrels in the attic of a home, to bat removal and control, raccoon removal, or Hialeah snake removal. Our Florida wildlife management pros provide a complete solution - including the repair of animal damage, and wildlife waste cleanup. If you need to get rid of your pest animals with care and expertise, give Miami Animal Removal a call at 786-594-1189
There are many Hialeah pest control companies, but most deal with extermination of insects. We deal strictly with wild animals, such as raccoon, skunk, opossum, and more. Miami Animal Removal differs from the average Hialeah exterminator business because we are licensed and insured experts, and deal only with animals. We are not merely trappers, but full-services nuisance wildlife control operators, offering advanced solutions.
Hialeah wildlife species include raccoons, opossums, squirrels, rats, skunks several species of snakes and bats, and more. Many animals can cause considerable damage to a house, not to mention contamination. We offer repairs of animal entry points and biohazard cleanup and we guarantee our work. Our Hialeah rodent (rat and mouse) control is superior to other pest management companies. All of our wildlife trapping is done in a humane manner. Of course, we are properly Florida state licensed. We are highly experienced in Hialeah raccoon removal, squirrel removal, bat control, and more.
Hialeah's name is a Calusa word meaning "Pretty Prairie". It is located upon a large prairie between Biscayne Bay and the Everglades, and actually the 5th largest city in Florida. It's primarily Spanish-Speaking, thus making all of this crazy English that I'm writing in a waste of time. The raccoons still speak raccoon-chatter though, so we can trap and remove them from this area. We also service the towns of Hollywood, Miami, Lauderhill, Dania Beach, Coral Springs, North Lauderdale and also animal control in Oakland Park, Coconut Creek, Fort Lauderdale, Margate and pest control in Pembroke Pines, Pompano Beach, Davie, Boca Raton, Tamarac, Hialeah and wild animal services in Weston, Sunrise, Parkland, Hallandale and wildlife management in Lauderdale Lakes, Plantation, Miramar, Deerfield Beach.
We at Miami Animal Removal believe we are the best Hialeah trappers of wildlife, and would be happy to serve your Hialeah bat removal or pigeon and bird control needs with a professional solution. Skunks, moles, and other animals that can damage your lawn - we trap them all. Our professional pest management of wildlife and animals can solve all of your Hialeah critter removal needs. Our specialty is removal of animals in homes such as raccoons in the attic or squirrels in the attic. If you need Hialeah pigeon control, Canada geese or other bird removal, we can help. We are experts with skunk problems, digging animals such as armadillos, & groundhogs, and we offer Florida dead animal removal. We trap mice and voles. We do home repairs, animal prevention, and removal of critters from the attic, ceiling, basement, animal in the wall, and any part of a building. Give us a call at 786-594-1189 for a price quote and more information.

Remember, we at Miami Animal Removal run a wildlife removal company, and charge for our services. If you are searching for help with a dog or cat issue, you need to call your local Miami-Dade County animal control or SPCA. They can assist you with problems such as a dangerous dog, stray cats, lost pets, etc. There is no free service in Miami-Dade County that provides assistance with wild animals.

Miami-Dade County Animal Services, FL:
(305) 884-1101

Hialeah Wildlife Tip:
Sick raccoon symptoms - Raccoons, just like all animals, get sick. Much like people, they experience indigestion, nausea, fevers, chills, and a host of chronic illnesses like kidney disease and arthritis. As you might imagine, when the raccoon doesn't feel well, you'll see a lot of the same symptoms you'd see in any other living creature. The best way to determine if a raccoon is sick is to know what that animal acts like when it's healthy. Most raccoons are active at night, but that doesn't mean seeing a raccoon during the day means the animal is ill. Sometimes starvation can cause animals to act out of their natural inclinations, and raccoons near cities and suburbs will adapt to the people around them rather than remain on instinctual time routines. A healthy raccoon will be wary, stable in gait, hungry, and active. If you see one that isn't behaving like it should, that is cause for alarm. Signs of a serious illness like rabies will be obvious; you'll see excessive salivation, poor balance and inability to walk, unnatural aggression or boldness, and loss of appetite. Generally, any time a starving raccoon won't eat is a signal that the animal isn't well. 
Hialeah, FL Animal News Clip:
Animal Control - Microchip Helps Family Find Hialeah Dog

If you lost your pet during Hurricanes Katrina or Rita, there is hope. After a year, Dog-boy The Crazy Canine Lover was reunited with his dog, The Woof Machine. For more information, call the animal services of Hialeah, Florida.

"I was worried. I thought I'd never see him again," the 8-year-old boy tells The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm. He lost his pet when Hurricane Jeanne struck Florida. Miami-Dade County animal control says it will continue to help with domestic animal issues, but not with Florida wildlife problems.

"We lost a couple of trees in the backyard and the fence went down along with the tree," says Kevin The Crazy Canine Lover, Dog-boy's father. "And we let him out to go to the bathroom, and he just kept right on going." Animal and carcass removal services in Miami-Dade County is dedicated to helping Florida and Hialeah.

The Woof Machine was found 1,900 miles away from home in New Mexico. Dog-boy's mom, Debra The Crazy Canine Lover, answered the phone when Animal Services delivered the good news.

Wildlife Rehabbers in Hialeah, FL

Like Frederick the wild bird expert, some rehabbers specialize . The raccoon biologistiet Mixon of Longwood earned the title "Squirrel Lady" for all the squirrels she has taken in over the years. Florida has an abundance of wildlife, and Hialeah is no exception.

She used to live in Lake Mary, and when she sold property for what's now Lake Mary City Hall, she was given time to lure the squirrels from that property to her new home down the street. Although several species of wildlife roam Hialeah, only a few, such as raccoons and Eastern Gray Squirrels and rats, are considered pest wildlife.

"We've taken her tons of squirrels over the years," Wittmer said. Frederick the wild bird expert generally takes in all birds, although she often refers large water birds to SeaWorld, which has a facility to take care of them. She also sends eagles and hawks to the Birds of Prey Center in Maitland. Florida has many reptiles, and it's important to be able to identify Hialeah snake species and mammals.

Others, such as The raccoon biologist and The Wild Squirrel and Rat pro, take in all sorts of animals. The Wild Squirrel and Rat pro said she will accept most critters. "Except bears," she said. "We're not equipped to do a bear."

If you need Hialeah raccoon removal, rat trapping, squirrel removal, or have any questions about a wildlife problem in Hialeah, please give Miami Animal Removal a call at 786-594-1189, and we will listen to your problem, give you a price quote, and schedule an appointment, usually same day or next day, to solve the problem.

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