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HoldFast - Critter Removal in Polson, MT

Polson Wildlife Control & Pest Animal Removal
In Lake County, MT

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Please, no calls about DOG or CAT problems. Call animal services: (406) 883-5312

HoldFast provides professional wildlife control for both residential & commercial customers in the city of Polson in Montana. We can handle almost any type of wild animal problem, from squirrels in the attic of a home, to bat removal and control, raccoon removal, or Polson snake removal. Our Montana wildlife management pros provide a complete solution - including the repair of animal damage, and wildlife waste cleanup. If you need to get rid of your pest animals with care and expertise, give HoldFast a call at 406-203-5549
There are many Polson pest control companies, but most deal with extermination of insects. We deal strictly with wild animals, such as raccoon, skunk, opossum, and more. HoldFast differs from the average Polson exterminator business because we are licensed and insured experts, and deal only with animals. We are not merely trappers, but full-services nuisance wildlife control operators, offering advanced solutions.
Polson wildlife species include raccoons, opossums, squirrels, rats, skunks several species of snakes and bats, and more. Many animals can cause considerable damage to a house, not to mention contamination. We offer repairs of animal entry points and biohazard cleanup and we guarantee our work. Our Polson rodent (rat and mouse) control is superior to other pest management companies. All of our wildlife trapping is done in a humane manner. Of course, we are properly Montana state licensed. We are highly experienced in Polson raccoon removal, squirrel removal, bat control, and more.
We at HoldFast believe we are the best Polson trappers of wildlife, and would be happy to serve your Polson bat removal or pigeon and bird control needs with a professional solution. Skunks, moles, and other animals that can damage your lawn - we trap them all. Our professional pest management of wildlife and animals can solve all of your Polson critter removal needs. Our specialty is removal of animals in homes such as raccoons in the attic or squirrels in the attic. If you need Polson pigeon control, Canada geese or other bird removal, we can help. We are experts with skunk problems, digging animals such as armadillos, & groundhogs, and we offer Montana dead animal removal. We trap mice and voles. We do home repairs, animal prevention, and removal of critters from the attic, ceiling, basement, animal in the wall, and any part of a building. Give us a call at 406-203-5549 for a price quote and more information.

Remember, we at HoldFast run a wildlife removal company, and charge for our services. If you are searching for help with a dog or cat issue, you need to call your local Lake County animal control or SPCA. They can assist you with problems such as a dangerous dog, stray cats, lost pets, etc. There is no free service in Lake County that provides assistance with wild animals.

Lake County Animal Services, MT:
(406) 883-5312

Polson Wildlife Tip:
Do snakes live in holes?

Snakes of all species usually live their entire live hiding away from predators. They mostly live inside hollow of trees, leaves, and also inside holes. Even as snakes normally live inside holes, they do not have ability to make their own holes. But, they always find the holes made by other animals. Different kinds of snakes have specific kind of holes they prefer to hide themselves into. Some small snakes normally hide inside small holes made by small animals. Some even prefer going into the holes made by bigger animals when they want to lay eggs or born their babies alive.

Avoid putting hand inside holes in your garden

Should there be snake in the hole inside garden? The answer is may be. Snakes always hiding away from human beings and other predators. So, to make sure they are not being noticed around, they usually find somewhere to hide while waiting for unfortunate prey that will come by. If you happen to deep your hand inside a hole you may fall victim of snake bite at the end of the day.

Snakes normally make use of holes available for them

Snakes do not have the features required for hole-making. This is notwithstanding the fact that they love living inside holes. That is the reason you should never put your hands inside holes around your backyard as there can be venomous snake waiting to strike right inside the hole. There are different reasons snakes love living inside holes and one of them is to get their prey right inside there.

Snakes normally live inside holes when the weather is not favorable

Snakes body metabolism, usually work with increase in the temperature of a place. When the temperature is very low the body metabolism will be low making snakes unable to do things as usual. So whenever that is the case, snakes usually search for nearby safe place to hide and get warmth. They can get into back of tree, hollow of tree, heaps of leaves and also holes. Why they are inside holes they will be waiting for the time temperature will be normal again so as to move around to look for food.

Snakes can live inside rat holes

The rat and rabbit holes in your backyard can be a comfortable apartment for snakes even the venomous snakes. Most of the snakes normally feed on the rats that made the holes and then take over the holes for some time.  
Polson, MT Animal News Clip:
No current news article at this time.  If you need Polson raccoon removal, rat trapping, squirrel removal, or have any questions about a wildlife problem in Polson, please give HoldFast a call at 406-203-5549, and we will listen to your problem, give you a price quote, and schedule an appointment, usually same day or next day, to solve the problem.
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