Free Oklahoma City Wildlife Control Resources/ Oklahoma

The below government agencies may provide free wildlife services in Oklahoma City


  • Oklahoma County Animal Services: (405) 297-3100
  • Oklahoma City Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic: 405-521-4039
  • Oklahoma Wildlife Commission: 405-343-5489
  • Oklahoma City Police Department: 405-297-1000
Depending on the nature of your wildlife conflict, these agencies might be able to help you for free. Read the below description of each agency and how it works, and what you can say to get free wildlife removal services in Oklahoma City, OK.

Oklahoma County Animal Services: (405) 297-3100

Animal ControlThis is the government animal control services operating in Oklahoma County and sponsored by the city of Oklahoma City. This agency typically deals with domestic animal issues involving dogs and cats. This includes things like dangerous dogs, stray cats, pet adoptions, etc. However, this agency will sometimes lend assistance with wildlife concerns. Call (405) 297-3100 and ask if they will assist with your wildlife problem. To increase the chance of success, do not lie, but if applicable, state that the problem is a public health matter in Oklahoma City, or that you feel the public safety is at risk, perhaps due to the spread of rabies or other diseases.

Oklahoma City Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic: 405-521-4039

RehabberThis is NOT a government agency. It is privately run, and operates on volunteer donations. This is a wildlife rehabber facility that deals strictly with wild animals. They may be able to help you with your wildlife problem, depending on the type of problem. The level of help might depend on their resources at the time. They will almost surely help in any case of an injured wild animal, or an orphaned baby animal, such as a baby squirrel or bird that fell out of a tree, or a baby opossum, etc. Please treat Oklahoma City Wildlife Rehabilitation kindly and donate if you are able to.

Oklahoma Wildlife Commission: 405-343-5489

Game WardenThis is the statewide government wildlife agency in Oklahoma, using your tax dollars to address wildlife issues. Sometimes called the Oklahoma Fish & Wildlife Agency. Oklahoma game wardens address many wildlife management matters, from hunting licenses, to poaching, endangered species, and yes, wildlife management. They deal with wild animals outside the range of a pest control company, such as cougars or bears. But they also have resources that may apply to your wildlife problem. To increase the chance of success, state that the problem is a public health matter in Oklahoma perhaps due to the spread of rabies or other diseases.

Oklahoma City Police Department: 405-297-1000

PoliceYes, the Oklahoma City police department will sometimes help with wildlife problems! I've seen many cases of the cops chasing down an errant bat in your house or snake in your pool! To increase the chance of success, never lie to the police dispatcher, but if applicable, state that you feel your personal safety is at risk, or the problem is a public safety matter in Oklahoma City, or a public health issue perhaps due to the spread of rabies or other diseases. Success may come down to whether or not a police officer wants to show up to this call, or is available. It's not always consistent.

When should you hire a company and pay for wildlife control services?

Oklahoma City Wildlife Control If you can't manage to get free service, we can help. No free agency is going to provide the level of service we provide. We specialize in all aspects of wildlife control. It's what we do. If you have animals in your attic, for example, you need someone to inspect your home and attic, identify and remove the animals with advanced techniques and equipment, you need repairs to your roof or vents to keep critters out, and repair and cleanup in your attic. The Oklahoma City or Oklahoma government services aren't going to do that for you. Call us if you want to get:

  • Fast Service: Usually Same-Day
  • Animals Removed From Your Attic, With Home Repairs and Cleanup
  • Complete and Permanent Removal of Rodents From Your Home
  • Removal of a Bat Colony, or Prevention of Birds on Buildings
  • Humane Treatment of Wildlife and Courteous Customer Service
We are not free, but our prices are reasonable and fair for the work we provide. Check our year 2020 prices for wildlife control work. Call us 24/7 to schedule an appointment: 405-253-0305

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Wildlife X Team provides professional wildlife control for both residential & commercial customers in the city of Oklahoma City in Oklahoma. We offer custom animal control solutions for almost any type of wildlife problem, whether it be the noises of squirrels running through the attic, a colony of bats living in a building, animals digging in your yard, or the destructive behavior of a raccoon or other critter, we have the experience and the tools to quickly and professionally solve your problem. For a consultation and price quote, give us a call at 405-253-0305

Oklahoma City Wildlife Tip:
How do I know if the skunk in my house has had babies - When a skunk in the house has had babies, there are often very distinct sounds that come from the area where the den is. A single skunk won't vocalize often. If you're hearing an array of sounds, it's a good guess that the skunks have been born. Trapping is now critical. Baby skunks can start to spray as early as 8 days old. If you're going to trap the mother and remove her and the babies, now is the time frame to do it. Otherwise, you'll be wondering how to remove a group of tiny skunks that could all spray you if they become frightened. Often, if the babies have been born, the best way to go about the process is to leave the mother skunk alone. The babies will grow and leave the den in about four months. This way you will only have to worry about trapping one skunk without leaving behind starving babies. Or, if you're not keen on the idea of a skunk tearing up your yard while you wait for the litter to grow, you can call a professional to come and trap all of the animals.

We are happy to provide the information for free Oklahoma City wildlife removal services. Hopefully one of these agencies is able to help you. If not, we are happy to help you solve your wildlife problem, quickly, professionally, and humanely. Our wildlife control work is superior to any of the work you will find from these free services. Feel free to call us 24/7 at 405-253-0305 to discuss your wildlife issue, and we can give you a price quote over the phone.

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