Pigeons roosting in a parking garage.

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Roosting Pigeons

Pigeons that are roosting on your property can be annoying and dangerous. The uric acid that is found in their droppings can erode concrete, statues, car paint, and so on. It is important that you get rid of pigeons as soon as you find them. You will want to make sure that you get rid of them in a manner that is deemed humane. While pigeons can carry disease, mites, fleas and ticks, there is no reason to destroy these birds.

The most obvious method of pigeon control is to contact a pest removal expert. Their services ensure that pigeons are safely removed from your home, as well as clean up any droppings that are left behind. If you are searching for do it yourself methods for getting rid of pigeons, there are various methods that you are able to attempt.

If you are able to discover how the pigeons are getting into your home, you can use wire mesh to block their point of entry. This will prevent pigeons from getting into your home. You should thoroughly inspect your property for pigeon nests. Pigeons make nests that are very flimsy out of small twigs and sometimes other debris they find lying around the home. You should destroy pigeon nests every few weeks, especially during the Spring and Summer seasons. You should cover up their frequented nesting location after you destroy the nests.

Pigeons are intelligent and have a strong desire to constantly return to their home. Just destroying the nests will probably not be enough. You will need to cover up their located. Most experts suggest installing a pigeon deterrent, as well. This can include a plastic owl, a rubber snake or a scarecrow. The best deterrents are the ones that move and make sound. You should move your deterrent around every couple of days to confuse the pigeon.

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The most commonly dealt with bird problem in the US is that of pigeons roosting on buildings. Feral pigeons tend to live in urban areas, and they prefer to roost on and in buildings, where they leave nesting material, feathers, parasites, and worst of all, their unsanitary and corrosive droppings. The only way to permanently solve such problems is to install bird exclusion materials, such as bird spikes or netting. Bird trapping is also an option, but it's usually a poor and temporary fix. In addition to pigeons, other birds can cause problems in certain other situations: woodpeckers damaging houses, sparrows stuck inside retail spaces, Chimney Swifts nesting inside chimneys, etc. If you want to learn more, please read my How To Get Rid of Birds page.

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