Pigeon trapping on a roof.

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Trapping Pigeons on Your Roof

Pigeons can create a lot of damage to their property, both the inside and the outside. You will need to remove pigeons from your home or business as soon as you spot them. One of the most recommended methods for removing pigeons is by trapping them.

You are able to purchase pigeon traps from your local home improvement store or online. There are traps that allow you to trap one or two pigeons at a time, and repeating traps that can hold up to 30 pigeons at once. While these traps are designed to be humane and not harm the pigeon when they enter the trap, it is up to you to make sure that the trap remains humane.

Many people will leave one, two or a handful of pigeons inside the trap. This will lure other pigeons into the trap. If you want to leave some pigeons inside the trap, you need to make sure that you are providing them with food, such as bird seed, fruits, french fries, bread and so on. You should also make sure that they have a bowl of water to drink from.

Most roofs are subjected to constant sunlight during the day. Try to place the trap in a shaded area, if you are unable place a cover over the top. This will provide relief to the pigeons during the day. You want to safely remove the pigeons, not cook them.

You must keep in mind that no matter where you relocate the pigeons, they will usually find their way back to their home. This may require the assistance of a professional pest control company, or you will need to set up a deterrent. This may include a rubber snake, a scarecrow or a plastic owl. Due to the face pigeons are so intelligent, you will need to find a deterrent that moves and makes noise, or you will need to manually move the deterrent every so often.

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The most commonly dealt with bird problem in the US is that of pigeons roosting on buildings. Feral pigeons tend to live in urban areas, and they prefer to roost on and in buildings, where they leave nesting material, feathers, parasites, and worst of all, their unsanitary and corrosive droppings. The only way to permanently solve such problems is to install bird exclusion materials, such as bird spikes or netting. Bird trapping is also an option, but it's usually a poor and temporary fix. In addition to pigeons, other birds can cause problems in certain other situations: woodpeckers damaging houses, sparrows stuck inside retail spaces, Chimney Swifts nesting inside chimneys, etc. If you want to learn more, please read my How To Get Rid of Birds page.

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