A thin Florida Red Fox.

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In my job as a wildlife control operator, I usually deal with the same 8 types of animals: raccoons, squirrels, rats, opossums, armadillos, snakes, bats, and birds. However, from time to time I get a chance to handle an uncommon species. I really relish these jobs. The above photos are all of animals that I don't usually handle. If you want to learn more, please read my How To Get Rid of Fox page.

A red fox that turned out to be grey - I sometimes wonder why certain animals are called with their given names. I do not find anything remotely buttery in a butterfly nor does a dragonfly bear any resemblance to a dragon. In Florida, we have a brown colored species of fox called the Florida red fox. Whoever came up with that name was either color blind or had some strange fascination with the color red. But as it turns out (pointed out to me by one of my readers), this is not a Florida red fox as I wrongly believed it was. Instead this particular species is called the gray fox, which makes better sense because it does have grey fur.

Before I came to this house, I was under the impression that I am in for the usual opossum catching drill. To my surprise, it turned out to be this fox. My regular blog readers would know that anytime I come across a unique animal at work, I just get incredibly excited. I was really grateful inside that it was a fox rather than an opossum, and a living one at that!

These foxes are generally omnivorous, meaning they have a liking for both animals and plants. Generally they hunt small rodents like mice, squirrels, opossums or critters but are equally happy if they get fruit. In some areas, gray foxes are fond of insects too, which means they do not have any hang-ups about what they get to eat as long as they get something. My first guess was that the fox entered the house in search of a dead rodent, but guess where I found it – in an empty box of marshmallows! This is one cool urban fox, I tell you.

Anyways to put it in a nutshell, after capturing the fox I put it in a cage and called the wildlife conservation people. Hope it found its way to where it belongs.

AAAnimal Control is a privately owned wildlife removal and pest control business, located in Orlando Florida. I deal strictly with wild animals including ones that have died inside houses. I am not an extermination company, but a critter removal and control specialist. The above photos are some of the many that I've taken in the field over my years of work. Please email me if you have any questions about the above photographs, or any questions about wildlife problems or Florida wildlife removal issues.

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