The Eastern Coral Snake has a very potent neurotoxin venom.

DESCRIPTION: A thin snake, seldom longer than 24". It has a small head (not triangular), and the distinct color pattern is alternating black and yellow, red and yellow bands. This snake has a dangerous neurotoxin venom, but it is not aggressive.

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Eastern Coral Snake – Fang action

Many venomous snakes all over the United States have similar characteristics: they inject their prey with venom, they are defensive and strike out when threatened, and each species lives in similar habitats.

The eastern coral snake, a venomous snake native to the southeastern region of the United States, is a bit different. Snakes from the pit viper family compose the vast majority of venomous snakes in the region. Two distinguishing characteristics of this snake family, as compared to other venomous snakes, are their retractable fangs and their loreal pit.

The loreal pit is an opening between the eye and nose inside of the mouth, on either side of the head. The opening leads to a very sensitive portion of the snake’s receptors – even called a sixth sense – that allows the snake to detect infrared signals from warm-blooded prey. This species hunts most often at night, so this feature helps the animal in the hunting and capturing of its prey.

The eastern coral snake is not related to the pit viper family – which is very uncommon for venomous snakes. Because of this, the coral snake does not have a loreal pit, yet it is quite a successful hunter without it.

Another characteristic of a pit viper is its retractable fangs. A pit viper’s retractable fangs are directly attached to the venom ducts. The snake is able to bite quickly and inject a lethal amount of venom into its prey in an instant. The coral snake is unique in that it does not have this feature. Their fangs, which are actually hollow, are located in the front of their mouths and are not retractable. When the snake bites, it holds on for a time in order to allow the venom to flow into a cavity in the gum where it is then released through the bite.

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