I commonly find the Florida Ringneck Snake in people's homes.

DESCRIPTION: A small black snake with an orange belly and a yellow or orange ring around its neck.

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Florida Ringneck Snake – A special thing in a small package

Snake enthusiasts are always looking for the most beautiful and rare of species to call their own. Of course there are the most common breeds such as pythons or boa constrictors, but there are also one-of-a-kind species such as the Florida ringneck snake. If you are going to choose a ringneck snake as a pet, it is imperative that you know something about the breed.

The Florida ringneck snake, a native exclusively to Florida, is one of the smallest and most docile snakes in North America. Measuring only 6-10 inches long, the ringneck snake is a non-venomous species that got its name from the tell-tale yellow ring around its neck. The rest of its body is black or dark grey with a bright orange belly, making it a stunning specimen. When threatened it curls up their tails exposing the bright red-orange underside that warns the predator to “stay away.”

Equipping an adequate home for your new pet is of vital importance if you want them to live a long and healthy life. Because of its size, a 10 gallon aquarium is usually suitable for housing your snake. However do not expect it to be active during the day. Ringnecks are nocturnal creatures, meaning they only come out at night. In the wild, they are commonly found under wood piles or leaves. Therefore try to simulate that in the aquarium by the bedding that you choose. Usually a mixture of peat moss, sand, and soil will do the trick. In addition, these animals enjoy a place to hide – providing a hiding place for it will ensure its happiness.

The smaller varieties of ringneck snakes will feed mostly on earthworms and other invertebrates. The larger varieties, those growing to 12 to 18 inches in length, can handle lizards or other small snakes.

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Running a wildlife removal business in the state of Florida gives me the chance to see all kinds of interesting snakes! Florida has about 45 species of snake, and I've seen 29 of them so far. I've always got my eye out for new species, and I love spotting rare snakes in Florida. I also have a thing for venomous snakes - they're not too common in FL, so I always enjoy the chance to see a poisonous serpent. I really like snakes, and I've never hurt or killed one. They're an important part of the ecosystem, and often persecuted. Still, if you don't want snakes in your house or on your property, and judging from the number of phone calls I receive regarding snake problems, you don't, then give me or a local snake expert in your area a call, and we can remove the snakes from your property for you. I use many snake control methods - from snake traps, to snake repellents, to habitat modification, but most of all, good old-fashioned capture and removal. If you want to learn more, please read my How To Get Rid of Snakes page.

AAAnimal Control is a privately owned wildlife removal and pest control business, located in Orlando Florida. I deal strictly with wild animals including snakes inside houses. I am not an extermination company, but a critter removal and control specialist. The above photos are some of the many that I've taken in the field over my years of work. Please email me if you have any questions about the above photographs, or any questions about wildlife problems or Florida snake removal issues.

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