Home Remedies To Keep Away Groundhogs And Get Rid Of Them

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With their distinctive brown fur and inquisitive faces, it is easy to underestimate the threat and the nuisance that a groundhog can cause when it is living in an urban area. Not only is it known to scavenge for food from garbage, pet food sacks and other areas around the domestic property, but they are not always friendly creatures either, and can be particularly vicious when they are cornered or trapped. It is natural to want to get rid of pest animals from the area around your home, and one of the long held beliefs by many people is that there are certain items that act as a natural repellent to these creatures.

Common Chemicals Around The Home Said To Repel groundhogs

The most common chemical said to have repellent properties to get rid of almost any animal is mothballs, which are found in many American homes. You will also find plenty of people who say that having a bowl full of ammonia in certain places around the home and garden will help to keep groundhogs away, because of the strong smell of the substance. There are also some people who believe that spraying Epsom salts around the yard or garden will leave a scent that will help to keep groundhogs away from the property.

Natural Home Remedies To Deal With groundhogs

Along with the common domestic chemicals, there are plenty of natural substances found around the home said to drive groundhogs away, and one is vegetable oil, as people believe groundhogs hate to have the slick oil on their coats. A solution of cayenne pepper made by boiling the peppers in water, and then spraying the water around the edges of the garden is said to help get rid of these creatures too. Other vegetables are also said to repel groundhogs, so it may be worth considering planting a bed of cucumbers or garlic around the fringes of your garden, as the groundhogs are said to find these unpleasant.

How Effective Are Home Remedy Repellents?

When it comes to dealing with a groundhog problem, the truth is that the home remedies will have a very limited success, and while it may deter the animals for a short time, it certainly isn’t a permanent solution. groundhogs are naturally clever creatures that can figure the way to remove the lid from a garbage can to scavenge for food, so a simple smell isn’t always going to put them off from the attractive features of your property. The same can be said for commercial repellents, which are also not a truly effective way of dealing with a problem groundhog that is coming to your yard or garden, or even nesting in a quiet part of your property.

Dealing With A groundhog Problem

There are several methods that can be used to deal with a groundhog, but the simplest and most effective way to get rid of a groundhog is by trapping the animal, and then removing it to an area well away from your property. A simple cage trap in the areas where the groundhog is active will usually do the trick, and this can be baited with a range of different foods such as cat food, canned fish or even peanut butter, which will all attract the animal to the trap. You should also check to see if there are any signs of the groundhog nesting in your property, such as the attic or under a porch or decking, as you may also have some baby groundhogs to remove if it is in the spring or summer time.
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