Do Mothballs Help Repel Groundhogs?

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Some of the greatest myths that are discussed and promoted online are often relating to the type of substances that are commonly found around the home that can be used as animal repellents. Two of these are among the strongest smelling chemicals found in the domestic home, and this is often why some people may believe that they can prove to be an effective repellent for animals such as groundhogs. The reality is that they are likely to be more of a nuisance other than anything else, and the groundhogs will usually ignore these chemicals if left near the den.

The Theory Of Using These Substances As Repellents

Both ammonia and mothballs are actually quite toxic, but along with the smell that they produce there are some people who will assume that the sensitive sense of smell that the animal has will make them be repulsed further by these chemicals. After all, if people will flinch when they get a sniff of ammonia and mothballs, then surely the groundhogs will not want to be anywhere near such a stench?

Why Are Mothballs And Ammonia Ineffective?

The reality is that groundhogs, like people, are very adaptable, and the kind of inconveniences and obstacles that they can tolerate are actually quite significant. This means that a simple chemical smell that is affecting one part of their burrow will often just move them to another part of the burrow, or they will simply ignore it altogether.

Will Other Repellents Work?

While mothballs and ammonia are not an effective way to deal with a groundhog problem, there are plenty of commercially produced repellents that claim to be able to drive these animals away. Along with the mothballs and ammonia, these type of products tend to share the same problems, in that the repellent effect is often not enough to drive the groundhogs away from your property.

How To Get Rid Of Groundhogs Properly

If you are looking for a real solution to your groundhog problem, then the reality is that you will usually need to look at the options for trapping the animals. You may need to check with your local animal services department with regards to the regulations in your area, but usually both lethal trapping and using cage traps to catch and remove the groundhogs can both be effective ways to permanently solve your groundhog problem. For more information about Do Mothballs Or Ammonia Help Repel Groundhogs?, you may want to read this guide that I wrote: How to get rid of groundhogs - my main groundhog removal information page.

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