Will Repellents Get A Groundhog Out Of The Shed Or Porch?

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Pest animals can cause a whole range of different problems for those who have a shed or porch on their property, and with groundhogs these problems can include the undermining of the foundations of the shed or porch. As well as affecting the safety of these structures, the way the groundhog builds its den is also unsightly, which means that dealing with the animal quickly and efficiently is very important. The idea of simply being able to spray or place a repellent in or near the den to drive the animal away is a very nice one, as it is simple and straightforward, but the reality is that trying to use a repellent will usually be a waste of time and money.

Chemical Animal Repellents

There are plenty of products that are sold online and in garden centers and hardware stores that claim to be able to drive groundhogs away, and these usually claim to work by either mimicking the scent of a predator, or by being very strong smelling to drive the animal away. The groundhog certainly isn't stupid, and in the vast majority of cases the factors keeping the animal beneath your shed or porch will be greater than the force of the repellent.

Audio Repellents

These devices are often believed to be even more clever than the chemical repellent, as they are designed to emit a high pitched noise that is outside the hearing range of people, but is said to be unbearable for the animals themselves. Like living next to a household of noisy neighbors, these devices are largely ineffective and the groundhog will tolerate the noise level and continue with its den building and foraging.

Home Remedies

Along with the over the counter repellents, there are also plenty of people online who propagate a myth that pouring ammonia or mothballs into the groundhog's den will get rid of the animals. Sadly, even these home remedies fail to repel the groundhogs either.

Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Groundhogs

When it comes to finding an effective solution for your groundhog problem, the steps that you will need to take will involve either using lethal traps to kill the animals, or using cage traps and then removing the groundhogs. There are plenty of professionals that can carry out such work for you in the areas where the groundhogs are present, and it is usually best to save your money and avoid trying repellents altogether. For more information about Will Repellents Get A Groundhog Out Of The Shed Or Porch?, you may want to read this guide that I wrote: How to get rid of groundhogs - my main groundhog removal information page.

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