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Advice and professional help for coyote and fox problems.

Dog or Fox or Coyote Control & Removal

If you came to this page seeking help with a dog, please visit my animal control - dog issues page.

Need fox or coyote removal in your town? Now serving over 400 US locations - updated for 2018

Biology: Coyotes are members of the canid family, which includes wolves, dogs and foxes. Adults coyotes weigh an average of 30 to 50 pounds, and are four to five feet long from nose to end of tail. They are carnivores, whose diet consists of rabbits, deer fawns, birds and various invertebrates. They also scavenge and can bring down larger prey in packs. They raise pups in dens, but seldom dig their own. They possess exceptional senses of smell, sight and hearing, and can produce a distinct howl.

Nuisance Concerns: Coyotes prefer solitude, but become a big nuisance when it comes to certain livestock. Occasionally, an individual coyote learns that chickens, sheep, lambs and calves are easy prey.

Biology: A medium-sized canid with a large bushy tail, often tipped in white. Ranges in color from grayish and rust red to a flame red, usually reddish-brown. Adults measure 35-45 inches in length from nose to tip of tail and weigh between 12 and 18 pounds. Generally moves at dusk and dawn, though may be active in mid day. Fox use a variety of habitats for dens, including abandoned holes dug by other animals. Diet is varied, though it often includes small mammals and birds.

Nuisance Concerns: Fox are a nuisance primarily for poultry producers. Turkeys, chickens, ducks, and geese are all susceptible to an opportunistic fox. Young pigs, lambs, and small pets are also killed by foxes. Foxes may carry rabies. Additionally, foxes have been known to steal pet food left outside for outdoor pets.

Dog Issues: If you have a concern about a dog, whether it's a lost pet dog, a dangerous dog in your neighborhood, or to file a complaint about a barking dog, please visit my dog issues page. You will find information on these topics, as well as dog services such as dog vaccinations, dog spay or neuter, or dog adoption programs. This website deals mostly with nuisance wildlife, but I have the phone numbers of almost every county animal control service in the country on this website.

Wondering how to get rid of fox or coyotes? There is no magic spray or device that you can use to make them go away. Some people try to sell ultrasonic sound emitters. These devices are worthless at eliminating fox or coyotes. Some old wives' tales recommend the use of mothballs or ammonia-soaked rags to make them leave, but I've been to countless homes where these techniques failed - biologists know that these attempts won't work. The ONE AND ONLY WAY to take care of your problem is with trapping and removal of the animals. Also, it will help if you don't feed the wildlife in your neighborhood. If you need to find a professional trapper in your hometown, just click our comprehensive list of hundreds of wildlife removal professionals, and you can have your problem quickly taken care of!

Here are some example emails that I received regarding a fox and coyote control problems. I respond to all of these people with relevant advice, and most end up hiring the wildlife expert that I have listed on my directory in their city:

Hi David, Have a question for you, our daughter has a fox take up residence in her back yard. It is a residential community outside of Reading, with a lot of children. The fox settled in under their shed in the back yard. I can't shoot it, too many houses around. I have concerns for all the children in the "hood" especially our two grand-daughters. What can be done to eradicate this red fox (and maybe a family of fox) ? Thanks, Ken

I am the president and trustee of a small community in Manatee County. We have a fox( gray) that lives in our wetland area. One of the resident was walking his dogs and the fox started to follow him all the way home. May question is what is the legal concerns for the community and what should we do if anything about the fox? I called Wildlife services and they advised me that if the fox is trapped that it could not be relocated. Is this true and what would happen to the fox? Thank you, Joseph

Good morning, My Name is Erica and I work for the County of Montgomery Community Health Agency. Our Department of Animal Services is interested in obtaining services for Coyote Abatement. We are interested in getting a quote for services. We would like to get these services started as soon as possible so we would appreciate a quick response. The Scope of Work for the County of Montgomery is as follows: The abatement of coyotes around the city limits of Montgomery will be resolved by lethal means. Abatement will be done by shooting and trapping. Trapping will be done pursuant to Fish and Game Codes under Title 14 Code of Regulations. Shooting will commence during hours of low human activity. During special periods of moon phases that occur monthly shooting may have to be done in hours that coincide with coyote activity. The County will be notified prior to the commencement of the hours and areas that will be effected. Prior approval will be made by the County before any action is taken. Wildlife Management Professionals will abate coyotes in any areas surrounding the City of Riverside that the County requests. The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office will be notified prior to any discharge of weapons and will be notified of any shots fired and when the effected areas are cleared for services that day. Thank you for your time and working with the County of Montgomery. Erica

To Whom It May Concern, Iím writing because we have had numerous cat killings and fox/coyote sightings in our neighborhood in the last year. In addition to being concerned about the pets in our neighborhood, Iím also concerned about the well-being of the wildlife. Does your removal procedure find a new home for fox and coyote in a safer, less-populated elevation? Or is your procedure to exterminate the wildlife once captured? A curious and concerned animal lover, Carley

We live in Sun Valley, Calif, right next door to Burbank, we've had a coyote problem for the last couple years. But the past couple of months it's been getting out of control, so far they killed 3 of our cats, we've chickens all over our lawn, everyone around her has found piece of cats here and there, my neighbor just said that one got her puppy last week, neighbors have been saying they can find their dogs and etc, What can we do ? we live in a residential/commerical area !! It takes some doing to get to our street, some people can't find it with a map book !!!!!! but they seem to cross to good size blvds, find the street that almost everyone passes up and get to our small neighborhood !!!!!!! I don't want them killed just taken as far away from here as possible, no one will help us, any idea's ? Thank you for your time, Stephanie
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