The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of Mice

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A mouse infestation can be a significant problem for home owners, as these little creatures can cause a host of different problems, as well as causing damage to some of the hidden areas of your home. Therefore, it is natural to want to deal with a mouse problem as soon as possible, and different approaches to this type of infestation will take different timescales to resolve the problem. There are also methods that you shouldn't use, such as poison, as this will cause more problems than it will resolve, while trapping is usually the most efficient and effective way of dealing with a mouse infestation.

Different Types Of Mouse Traps

There are several modern types of traps that can kill a even a big mouse humanely, with gas traps and electrocution traps available which can be effective when dealing with mice. However, the traditional snap traps are still very popular and they are also cheap to buy, which helps to make them one of the most common ways to deal with a mouse infestation effectively. You should avoid trying to use any kind of glue traps, as these are inhumane and will not kill the mouse quickly, meaning when you are checking your traps there is no guarantee that the mouse will actually be dead.

Placing Your Traps In The Right Locations

When it comes to solving the problem, the location of the trap is just as important as the type of trap that you are using, and you will want to place these in areas where there are signs of the mice being active. Gnawed or torn insulation in the attic, along with their small dark droppings are common signs of mouse activity, while it is also worth looking around your food stores to see if there are any packages that have been torn open. Mice will usually try to avoid open areas, so look for the dark corners and areas where you do not usually enter in the property, as this is where they will be active most often.

Preventing Future Infestations

Once you are no longer catching any mice, and haven't seen signs of their presence, you can then start to look at the next steps to take in order to try and prevent future infestations by the mice. Try to find the access points the mice were using to get in to the property, and seal as many of these as possible, and try to keep the mice out in the future. You should also consider the food sources that the mice were getting access to in your property, and whether you can put these in sealed containers or protect them so that mice will not be able to get into such food sources in the future.

Will Repellents Get Rid Of Mice?

This is one of the most attractive options that people who haven't dealt with a mouse infestation previously will consider, and in some cases you will find a range of different repellents in hardware stores and garden centers. However, the truth is that these repellents are not actually an effective way to deal with the problem, and whether it is a chemical repellent or an audio repellent, the attractive features of the property will be more of a factor when the mice choose where to stay. If you are planning to deal with the mice yourself, avoid trying to use any repellents, as they will only delay the other work you will have to complete when it comes to trapping the mice, which is inevitable as the repellent will not solve your mouse problem.

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