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Mole Trapping: How to Trap a Mole

Most of the known mole traps are lethal traps, which are meant to kill a mole once it is caught, only few mole traps are live traps. Even the few live traps available are ineffective in catching this small mammals and are often hard to set, thus making their use rare.

How to set and where to put lethal traps are the two most paramount factors that determine if the trap will catch a mole or not. In terms of setting, most of the traps come with user manuals which are meant to guide you on how to use them. If you have difficulty understanding its usage or setting the trap, you may consider hiring an animal control expert to avoid injury to yourself.

To get the right location to set your trap, just find an active tunnel which is in use by the mole, you can recognize an active tunnel by the mole hills made around it. Then, place the trap at the entrance of the tunnel, so that the mole will be caught as it attempts to come out of the tunnel.

The other factor here, is the number of traps that you use per time, it is advisable to set a trap at the mouth of each tunnel observed. If there are 4 tunnels made by moles inside your garden, buy or hire 4 traps and set one at the entrance of each tunnel. You may also bait the trap.

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There are different types of lethal traps with different mechanisms used in catching moles. The most popular ones are:

1. Spear Traps
This trap, also called a harpoon trap, comes with a sharp spear that pierces through a mole once it is caught. . The trap is set at a spot above the tunnel, and whenever a mole tries to pass through this spot, the spear pierces the mole, killing it instantly.

2. Paper clip trap
Paper traps make use of body clamps and pins in trapping moles. They are usually set back to back inside the tunnel with each of the traps facing outward. When the mole attempts to move through the tunnel, it will hit a pin and the pin will slip, releasing the clamps. These immediately trap and squeeze the mole, killing it quickly.

3. Barrel trap
The barrel trap features a metal or half cylinder, which is to be inserted into the tunnel. This trap will be triggered when the mole tries to move through the cylinder. Once triggered, a loop installed inside the cylinder will fasten around the mole and choke it to death without much agony or pain.

4. Scissors trap
There are two scissors-like blades inside this lethal trap. To use scissors trap, find an active tunnel, dig a small hole in the middle of the tunnel and set the trap there with each pair of the blades on either side of the trigger pan; then place trigger pan carefully above the ground. Once the mole attempts to come out of the tunnel and it touches the trap, the trap will be triggered and the two scissors-like blades will come together with the mole in between them. The mole will be dead immediately. A good example of scissor-like trap is the Out O' Sight mole trap, Learn how to kill a mole.

Although only a few live traps work, heavy duty traps like the Talpirid trap may effectively catch moles alive. Like lethal traps, live traps must be set over active tunnels. Let the trap sit comfortably at the mouth of the tunnel, it will be triggered once the mole tries to crawl out of the tunnel. The mole can be released by removing the trap and compressing the pedal by hand. The mole should be released into the woods or other conducive environment for its survival. The Talpirid trap can be used over and over again.

Another live trap is the bucket-shaped trap; it should as well be placed over an active tunnel and covered with debris to conceal it. Moles fall in whenever they try to exit the tunnel and are unable to get out by themselves.

Note: using a bait in your traps increases their effectiveness in trapping a mole, the bait serves to lure the mole in in the case that it becomes suspicious or cautious. Good examples of bait are grubs and worms. You can dig ground to get these baits or buy them from animal control shops. Read about mole prevention here.

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