Do possums hiss?

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Possums do hiss! In fact, they make quite the weird and wonderful mix of noises, some of which will be vocal and some otherwise. Just like most other wild animals, the pesky possum will make different noises and sounds, depending on the situation. Hissing noises are most likely to be a male possum trying to attract a female, but it could stand for a number of other emotions. If a female raccoon feels threatened, or she feels as if her babies could be in danger, she will hiss loudly in a bid to scare the predator away. Males will do the same if they are cornered and threatened also. These hissing noises can be accompanied by a growl, another angry noise from the possum, and even sometimes a clicking noise. The latter is generally reserved for young possums, however, as well as sounds that sound very much like tiny little sneezes.

You will more than likely hear the noises during the night as these are nocturnal creatures, but they can be active during the day. The winter months often see them stirring from their daytime slumbers to find food, before the darkness comes and food is even more scarce.

Possums make a lot of noise, and it is very often the case that you will hear them before you see them. You might hear their vocal noises, but there’s an even bigger chance that you’ll be listening to them thump around above your head at night. You are probably going to notice signs of their invasion before you see them too, in the form of scratches, drag marks, feces and urine stains around the place, and perhaps even the occasional small ditches dug in the lawn or flower gardens. This is where the animal has tried to find insects beneath the surface of the soil.

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