Do rats attack human necks?

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There are a lot of things out there to be scared about, especially while you are sleeping. It is true that millions of people have their home broken into during the night while they are sleeping. It’s a scary thought, but one that is truly reality.

Sometimes these break-ins lead to the person being attacked, and even killed on occasion. It is events like this that cause some to not be able to rest very well at night.

Clearly, there are things to fear. Falling off of a cliff, getting into a car accident, or even drowning while you are swimming are things that can occur. If you are not taking the proper precautions then you risk one of these things become big an eventuality. This is why you have to be smart and do things that protect yourself.

The problem with fear is that many times it will take a person in directions that become nonsensical. They allow their fear to overwhelm them to the point that they start to believe the craziest events are possible.

Take this for example. Some question whether a rat will attack a human being in the neck. It is true that a rat will bite a person. There have been documented proof that some people, especially while they were asleep, awoke to find a rat nibbling at their foot, hand, and even at their face. When there are several rats present the likelihood of this occurring becomes greater, as the numbers seem to embolden them to be more gaudy about the raid on the person. There have been instances where a group of rats attacked a person so severely that the person nearly bled to death. So, this is something that you would have to fear if you lived in an area where rats are known to exist.

However, even though you have that possibility of this occurring, this does not mean that you need to let your fear be rampant. While a rat may attack you, even if you are awake, the thought of it going directly after your neck is a little far-fetched. The last anyone knew a rat was not like a vampire, looking to dig at your neck to suck out your blood. This is more of a myth than anything else.

What the rat is often looking for our locations that enable it to get to a food source that it finds unavoidable. While some have been bitten repeatedly in the face area, it is usually the appendages that are the prime target of rats. This is because they give the rat the easiest access. Your neck is often blocked by clothing and by the structure of your body. This makes it much more difficult for the rat to get to, and so it would make better sense for it to look in other areas of your body.

Before you get to crazy with this fear, keep in mind that rat attacks are fairly small in number. So no need to stay awake tonight. For more information, you may want to click on one of these guides that I wrote:
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