Black pepper and rats

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People are always looking for new ways to keep rats out of their home. If you look out on the Internet you are sure to find a whole series of surefire solutions that will keep rats away and ensure to worry about these rodents any longer.

The problem with many of these solutions is that they simply don’t work. They sound good. They promise a great deal of success, but rarely do they deliver on the promise. Ideas such as mothballs and ammonia make a lot of sense but rarely do they deliver on the promise. This is why it leads many to become skeptical of what they read and why they turn to commercial options to resolve their problem.

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The problem with turning to some of these products that you would buy is that they pose other risks that go beyond getting rid of the rats. You have to worry about your own pets getting into the product or maybe even your own kids swallowing it. This makes them dangerous and is the primary reason why a lot of people avoid buying these products altogether.

So, is there a solution where you can get rid of rats that will not cost you a lot of money will have success? The truth of the matter is that you can have a great deal of success in using nothing more than simple black pepper.

Now you may be reading this and thinking there is no way that black pepper and rats are a combination that will get these rodents driven away. This is the same thing you put on your eggs in the morning time and so there is no way that this would work to get rid of rats. You could not be further from the truth.

Think about this solution for a moment. If you have ever seen one of these movies where a person has escaped from prison and dogs are chasing them the way that they get the dog off of the trail is by using black pepper. The same effect that it can have on you, causing you to sneeze and be irritated, is the same effect that it has on a dog. When the dog smells the pepper it loses it scent and the person has a good chance of getting away.

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This is true for rats as well. When they begin to smell the pepper it causes their noses to be irritated and for them to sneeze. Rather than continue on in the direction that they were heading, they see the pepper is a kind of barrier. This causes them to turn tail and run away.

If you are having issues with rats in your kitchen, placing a generous portion of this behind your appliances, in your cabinets, and even along the baseboards of your floor can have a great effect at keeping the rats away. Best of all, it doesn’t pose a risk to any member of your family. This is why it is a great option. For more information, you may want to click on one of these guides that I wrote:
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