Do rats like dog poop?

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If you get right down to it, rats are pretty disgusting animals. They carry a lot of diseases and will eat just about anything that they come across.

They are not just omnivores, but are pretty disgusting ones at that. A rat will be perfectly content digging through your garbage to find a tasty snake or two to walk off with. They will not only eat the things you threw out days or even weeks ago, but will enjoy eating the bugs that are also feeding off of this waste. To say that they are gross may be quite an understatement.

Surprisingly, there are some things that rats simply won’t eat. While they are creatures that can find a meal out of virtually anything, there are some limits to even what these rodents will eat. This begs the question, do rats like dog poop?

The answer quite simply is no. That may seem surprising to you, not only because dog feces contains a lot of waste that may even look edible to a rat, but the smell is quite strong and would seem to attract these rodents who are looking for a meal. Surprisingly, it seems that this is a limit that they will not even cross.

This seems to fly in the face of what many have been taught. They have been led to believe that dog feces is some kind of delicacy to a rat, but that simply is not the case. Rats will go for many different kinds of food and waste, but the feces of a dog is not going to be one of them.

It is not really understood what it is about dog feces that deny a rat this as food. A rat will eat other kinds of feces from other animals, including rabbit pellets and cat poop, but dog feces seems to be a clear exception. It is not really understood why this is, but some believe that it is the high amount of nitrogen found in a dog’s waste that could be a determining factor. Once again, however, it is not understood why they don’t really prefer it.

For those who are looking to keep rats out of their garbage and want a free and yet kind of disgusting way to be able to resolve this, then it is suggested that you should pour a little bit of dog feces over your garbage to keep them out. While this may seem like an incredibly gross form of repellent to use, the truth is that it can be quite successful in keeping them away. Not only will they be deterred to come and get into the garbage, but any food remnant that is left over in the garbage can that has the waste on it the rats will ignore.

Since the rats simply don’t like dog feces, maybe this is something you need to start to try to use to your advantage. We would understand if you didn’t, but if you did you would have success in keeping these rodents away. For more information, you may want to click on one of these guides that I wrote:
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