Is it possible that rats dream?

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Dreaming. This is that wonderful escape that the vast majority of us find each night when we go to sleep. It allows us to envision events from the day and future desires in such a way that we wake up excited about the new day that is dawning.

Dreaming part of what your brain does each and every time you go to sleep. The neurons in your brain send chemical signals that provide you with a series of images. While not everyone understands exactly what dreaming is about, the reality is that there are a few things that occur during the dream state.

First of all, dreaming usually occurs to provide some kind of recap to your day. It can also be related to resolution of issues that are still going on in your mind, or visions of events you hope will occur. Some have even seen prophetic visions while they are dreaming. It is truly a spectacular, yet not unique form of brain activity.

The reason that we say that it is not unique is because human beings are not the only ones the dream. If you have watched your dog or cat while they are sleeping then you probably have noticed that it points during their rest they will be kicking and even whining. This is because they are undergoing their own form of dreaming, and it is resulting in some restless activity from their body.

While you may get that dreaming is a common activity and higher forms of animal, it may make you wonder do rats dream? Surprising to some, rats do dream.

In several studies, scientists placed a piece of food within the sight of a rat but would not allow it to actually get to the food source. The rat was then allowed to sleep, and it was discovered that in many instances the rats began to undergo the dream process. While it is not exactly understood what the rats were dreaming about, what was recognized was that there was brain activity that was identical to that which would be seen in a human being while it is dreaming. It can only be speculated that the rat was dreaming about the food, but clearly it was thinking about something while it was sleeping.

Because a rat’s brain chemistry is similar to human beings in many ways, this is the reason why they are frequently chosen to be the test animal during experiments related to medications and brain activity. When a new drug is being tested or scientists are trying to figure out how the brain is affected by something, rats are the animal that is frequently chosen to test on because of the similar brain chemistry to human beings.

This includes testing the dream states. No hats undergo dreams why they are sleeping, it is to test them to see how certain factors might influence or affect dreaming in the rats. This information can then be transferred to apply to the manner in which human beings are treated who may be having issues related to dreams. For more information, you may want to click on one of these guides that I wrote:
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