Finding and Removing a Dead Rat

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One of the worst things about having rats in your home or place of business is that they inadvertently die at some point. And trust me, they’re not that considerate as to go outside when they do, so you’re going to be stuck with a decomposing rat somewhere in or around your home. So, how do you find and remove a dead rat?

Sniff and search. There’s no magic behind this one: you simply have to sniff your way around your home and find it. There are no devices, no apps, no products which can find the dead rat in your home. It has to be a hands-on approach which can take you a long time, and will most likely result in a lot of damage done to your home, as you’re trying to take stuff apart and see if the corpse is there or not. That’s because you most likely don’t live in an air-tight container where there are no air currents whatsoever. These currents can move the smell around, misleading you in your search. The best way is to persist in your search and check all the probably places where rats may inhabit your home. Worst thing is that you’ll often find them in walls, which means tearing some of them down or drilling holes in the drywall, and then having to invest in expensive reworks to make things look good again and fix your home.

The easy, affordable and professional approach. Of course, your best course of action would be to leave this task to a professional. A vermin control service can handle these requests and get the job done in record time. And it’s not because they have a magic formula that can help them find the dead rat faster, it’s just that they have a lot more practice. They’re used to finding the dead rats in certain places, and they’ll know where to look. What’s more, they always make sure that the damage they have to do in order to reach the rodent is kept at a minimum for your own maximum convenience.

The faster you take care of the rat, the easier it will be to avoid the smell lingering for long periods of time. Professionals will also do a proper cleaning of the place where the rat was found, so that the risks of contracting certain diseases or attracting other animals that feel invited by the odor will be completely wiped out. Also, it’s important not to ignore or postpone doing something about the smell of a dead rat, as you may stop noticing it and have a decomposing rat in your home which can attract a lot of diseases. Not only that, but if the rat carcass dries out completely, it’ll be significantly harder to find it in the future, even by a professional. So, save yourself the headache of having to turn your house upside down, and call a wildlife removal professional right now so they can help you remove a dead rat from your home. My nationwide directory of wildlife control pros is going to be your best resource in finding reliable individuals or companies, since I’ve put a lot of work into it, and handpicked all the specialists myself. For more information, you may want to click on one of these guides that I wrote:
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