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Rats in your home is something that no one really wants. These are vile little creatures that put your family at risk and caused considerable damage to your home. Rats love to gnaw and chew on things and so they can destroy would, citing, sheet rock, and even electrical wiring that is in your home. This can lead to a fire hazard or simple overall destruction of your property.

In addition, rats leave their waste wherever they go. This means that the pathogens and diseases that are found in their feces and urine is left behind as well. Some of these pathogens can be dangerous to you simply by inhaling them. They can become airborne or get on to you if you touch them, thus causing you and your family a serious illness. This does not even include if a rat were to bite you, which introduces a whole new set of diseases you may have to deal with.

Clearly, you don’t want a rat around your home at all, especially considering the fact that many rats live in large colonies. If you are seeing one rat in your home that it is quite likely that there could be as many as a dozen more, if not dozens more. This presents a very serious problem for you, because if one rat can endanger your health just think what 30 can do!

You clearly want these rats out of your home as quickly as you possibly can, but doing so either requires you to do a great deal of work on your own or to hire someone to do it for you. There are many techniques that you can follow that will assist you in getting rid of your rat problem. These are do-it-yourself kind of ideas, but they can be a little tedious to resolve. If you want a permanent solution, some turn to such things as poisons, but these come with their own risks.

You can hire an agency to come out and exterminate the rats, but this can be quite costly. You may also find that there isn’t an agency directly around where you live, which means that you have no real option here.

You may be thinking to yourself how to get free rat removal? Normally, you don’t consider that there are free options to anything, but you may be wondering if there is any group out there that would handle your rat problem for you at no cost.

First of all, consider that if your rat problem is severe enough it may be covered by your insurance. Check with your insurance agent, because you may get the rats removed at no cost to yourself. This has to be a rather severe problem, so keep that in mind before calling.

You may also try to contact your local college or university. If they are doing experiments with rats they may be willing to collect what you have because it is a free option to them as well. It is at least worth looking into. For more information, you may want to click on one of these guides that I wrote:
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