Do rats hide from humans?

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There is an old saying that a lot of times you don’t know that you have a problem and tell it is overwhelming. This has been found in such issues as a small crack in somebody’s roof. Because they are unaware that there is a leak in the roof, water is allowed to get into the house, damaging the wood, insulation, and other materials, while also building up mold and mildew. By the time, you finally realize that you have an issue the problem is so severe that you will have to spend a great deal of money to try to fix it.

Having rats in your home is another such example. Many are not aware that they have rats until they see a huge group of them. By that point, the challenge of getting rid of them may be quite difficult. In many cases, people will ask the same question. Why did they not know about this before? This leads them to wonder do rats hide from humans?

The reason that they suspect that their rat problem went unnoticed for so long was because they suspected the rats were hiding from them. This is an answer that is somewhat true but not accurate.

To say that the rat was hiding from you does have some merit to it, but not likely for the reason that you think. Rats are nocturnal animals, which means they will do most of their hunting and foraging during the nighttime. What this tells you is that they were not necessarily hiding from you, but were simply not awake at the same time that you were. This made it so that they went virtually unnoticed by you because of the schedule that they were keeping.

However, there is a reality about them hiding that is true. If you were a creature that was only about 3% the size of something you came in contact with, you would be doing all you could to stay away from that creature as well. This is what the rat is doing.

It understands that you are significantly bigger than it. To protect itself, it does all that it can to avoid coming in direct contact with you. While not knowing if you would kill it, it suspects that his chances of survival with you are pretty low, so staying away from you is a good survival technique. It is why the rat will stay away from your dog, your cat, and virtually any other pet you may have that is significantly larger than the rat itself.

When the rat is out and should see you moving about, it will do all it can to get under a piece of furniture, behind a wall, or to locate to someplace that makes it inconspicuous. This is why so many people are not aware that they have a rat problem and tell it is far too late. The sad part is that you still may not have any idea that you have an issue with rats until you start to see the problem mount. For more information, you may want to click on one of these guides that I wrote:
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