Will a Strobing Light or High Pitch Sound Deterrent Machine Work on Rats?

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I’m going to begin by saying that the Federal Trade Commission has officially denounced strobing light and high pitch sound deterrent machines to be fraudulent. That’s just in case anyone has any doubts about these self-titled repellants.

Don’t waste your money with such gimmicks. A high-pitched sound emitting machine won’t make rats leave your property. As a matter of fact, it won’t repel any kind of animal, no question about it. Stroboscopic light machines won’t affect rats either, and they will also have absolutely no effect when it comes to any other nuisance pest species. From all the products available out there that suggest or claim that they have the power to discourage rats from trespassing on private property, or that they can make rats evict a space altogether, these types of machines are definitely the worst.

If you’re looking for a good rat repellent, you won’t find anything of the sort on this website, simply because such repellents do not exist. I’ve seen lots of wildlife removal websites over the years that appear to be serious, but then endorse these types of fraudulent deterrents, helping to maintain these lies either for personal gain, or out of lack of actual knowledge relating to the subject they’re writing about. I am proud to say that I am a highly experienced wildlife control professional, and I love what I do, including sharing the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years. I’m not creating these web pages to sell you anything, and I’m not uploading clickbait content in order to generate advertising revenue. I bother to publish all the content I publish because I want people to have the necessary toolkit to handle efficiently and humanly any pest issues they might have. I’m pleased to see the online community moving away from the sorts of websites that still praise commercial and homemade repellents, but such articles will still pop up now and again, and I urge you to stay away from the false information they provide.

The only way to get rid of rats is not at all as easy as it would be if a repellent would actually work, and though it involves a serious level of commitment and by the book procedures, nothing else will help you with disposing of these invading rodents. The way in which I deal with rat problems in homes and buildings – and the way I strongly recommend you deal with it, too – is available for you to consult right on this website. Just check out the advice I give on how to get rats out of the attic.

For professional help, I encourage you to take full advantage of the directory of wildlife experts I’ve assembled here, and beware of your run-of-the-mill exterminators or pest controllers if you hire outside of my lists. They might just be in it for the money, with no regard towards good service – make sure you not only ask about a cost estimate, but also about their experience and methods. I suggest you only hire certified wildlife removal professionals, and that you stay away from big and small company exterminators that will approach your problem with poison – this won’t work well at all, you’ll just end up being another cash cow for them, because poison is not effective, and they will have to keep returning to “solve” your rat problem. Lastly, when having to solve a rat infestation situation, I also suggest that you pick a long-serving wildlife removal pro, just because dealing with rats and mice is way more tricky than dealing with other pest, and having a great deal of experience in the business is always a bonus in terms of accomplishing quick and permanent rat eradication from a household. For more information, you may want to click on one of these guides that I wrote:
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