Keeping Rats Out of My Garbage

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Rats love eating from our garbage, and will always by attracted by accessible garbage cans. To prevent rats from getting into your garbage, you can take some simple yet effective measures.

  • Don’t keep your trash cans outside – if possible, keep them in the garage;
  • Secure your garbage cans with a sealed lid, or block the lid yourself with bungee cords or a heavy rock; the latter might not work with bigger vermin that enjoy our garbage food, and raccoons can actually figure their way around bungee cords.
  • Try and make sure you don’t leave any food in the garbage can, and that wrappings don’t have any food remnants on them – composting might help;
  • Make sure there are no other food sources or odors that might attract the rats to your property;
  • Don’t use poisons or repellents to make rats stay away from your garbage. Neither work, and both pose health risks for other innocent animals, including humans.
If rats are trying their luck with your garbage, it means they’re already inspecting your property. Be one step ahead them and start inspecting the property yourself for signs of rat trails, possible rodent entry holes to your house and to your roof/attic, and other signs of rat activity such as the fur grease they leave behind when frequently circulating through certain passages. If you notice any of the signs that indicate rat infestation, consult with a wildlife removal professional immediately, as he or she will be able to confirm if you really do have a rat invasion on your hands, even by just interpreting the information you give them via email or phone. If rat presence is confirmed, continue to discuss your next course of action. If you decide to handle the rat problem yourself, be sure you’re prepared and equipped to take on this task, and start learning all there is to know about successful rat removal right here, on this website.

If you don’t have the information for any reliable rat control professional, you can find the one that’s nearest to your area by going on my nationwide directory of wildlife removal experts. Exterminators and pest control companies that approach rat invasion with poisons or other inhumane and impractical methods will never be featured in this directory, so you can be assured that you will only be provided with quality service from the individuals you would pick from here to help you with your rat situation. For more information, you may want to click on one of these guides that I wrote:
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