Will A Pest Control Company Remove a Rat?

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As far as rat infestations go, people usually go for their initial impulses, which are either handling the problem themselves, or hiring a pest control company off the bat. Both of these supposed solutions have major problems with them, and in the following I’ll explore why exactly. Why should you first of all consider hiring a wildlife control professional as opposed to your run-of-the-mill pest control companies?

The pest control company’s approach to a rat infestation. Of course, there can be exceptions from the rule, but for the most part regular pest control companies will deal with rats through one way and one way only: using a variety of poisons. Whether it’s little tablets or grain soaked in poison, the desired effect is the same: getting the rats to eat them and die. If you think that this will solve your rat problem without consequences, then you’re in for a big and unpleasant surprise. First of all, you need to consider that the dead rats will start to smell at one point if not properly dealt with. And you can’t possibly know just how many rats will eat the poison and die in and around your home or business place. Second of all, there’s also the root problem which remains unaddressed: the environmental conditions which favorized the rats moving in in the first place, and all the access points they were using to get in and out. By not tackling this problem first, the company only kills off a few rats, but many will likely escape or steer clear of the poisons, and others can soon follow and inhabit the same space.

The proper way to dealing with rats. Okay, so your garden variety pest company should be avoided. What’s left? You’d think it would be to take matters into your own hands, but why risk getting bitten or contracting diseases like hantavirus pulmonary disease, Lassa fever or hemorrhagic fever? Remember that it’s rats who brought the plague to Europe and killed nearly half of the continent’s population a few centuries ago.

Your best bet would be to contact and hire a professional vermin control service. This will ensure that the issue is dealt with in its entirety: from removing or cleaning the conditions which favorized a rat population to move in, to securing the architectural structure so that rats no longer have a way of getting in, to properly disposing of the rats themselves and then diligently cleaning the area of rat droppings and urine in order to avoid possible complications for your health in the long run. Foregoing any of these crucial steps and not tackling them in a professional way will expose you and your family to unnecessary risks. For more information, you may want to click on one of these guides that I wrote:
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