Methods to scare rats away

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If you have ever awoken in the middle of the night, walked into your kitchen, and found a rat scurrying across the floor or the counter, then you know how truly unsettling these critters can be. It’s not just the beady little eyes and the sharp teeth that make them such a terrifying animal to come in contact with, but is also the fact that they carry so many different diseases in them.

A rat can infect you by biting or scratching you, or it to urine or feces can put you at risk as well. In fact, if this waste gets in contact with food that you consume it can make you quite ill and even be lethal to some.

What you are looking for though in that moment that you come in contact with the rat is how to scare a rat away. You’ll deal with getting rid of it at a later date, but you simply don’t want it around your bed, your food, your couch, or any other part of your house where you happen to be at that point.

Usually, the first reaction of a rat is to be just as afraid of you. These are animals that have learned that their survival often depends on their anonymity. The less that they are seen the better off that this is for them, therefore, they will do all that they can to try to avoid coming in contact with you. When they see you, they will most likely run away.

However, that will not always be the case. There may be some rats that will decide to be aggressive with you, especially if there is more than one that is present. So how do you scare away a rat in a situation like that?

The first thing that you need is something that you can use to swing at or push the rat away. If you have a broom or similar object, this would be absolutely ideal. By pushing at the rat or swinging at it you will scare it away because it cannot defend itself against something like that.

Other things that people use are such objects as frying pans or even a dustpan. While these can work quite well, why a broom or similar object is recommended is because they provide a greater distance between you and the rat. You can be up to five or six feet away with a broom while a pot or pan does not give you that kind of flexibility.

Once you have scare the rat away, it is a good idea to pay at least a little attention to where it scurries to. Eventually, you will need to read yourself permanently of this rat, and having an idea of where it went to will assist you in locating and disposing of the animal permanently.

Keep in mind above all things that before taking any action you first need to keep your cool. This is true of when you are trying to scare it away, or when you decide to return to and your rat problem permanently. For more information, you may want to click on one of these guides that I wrote:
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