Why do rats exist?

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There are many creatures on earth that you look at and wonder why they exist at all. If you get down to it no one really seems to understand the need for such things as flies, ladybugs, and other kinds of insects. However, they play an important role in the circle of life. These kinds of insects not only help to keep other populations of life smaller, but provide a food source for those that are higher up in the food chain. In fact, without them many different kinds of and insects and animals may not survive.

Insects are not the only creatures that people question why they exist. There are many other kinds of animals out there that seem to be nothing more than a large nuisance. This includes the rats. It makes many wonder why do rats exist?

You may look at a rat and think that it serves no useful purpose. These rodents scurry around looking to get into whatever they can, meaning they are chewing up your walls, eating your food, and leaving their droppings all over the place. Often times, their waste carries hazardous bacteria and pathogens that can be dangerous to human beings and animals.

If you also think about it, the largest plagues that have occurred on the planet where the direct results of rats. Rats carried fleas across Asia, Europe, and even into the United States. These fleas were the carriers of bubonic plague, living on the rats as their means of transportation. When the fleas jumped on to human beings, biting them, they infected people and caused millions of people to die. In fact, the bubonic plague in Europe led to nearly one-third of the continent’s population to die. With numbers like that, it doesn’t really seem to make sense that these creatures are even around.

However, rats do serve a purpose. They eat a lot of the bugs and other small rodents that cause problems for us. Despite the fact of them being a nuisance, they help to keep these populations down. That is a benefit to us. They also eat a lot of the garbage that we leave out, reducing down the amount that can cause illness in our areas.

Rats are also the source of food for many different animals. Snakes, for example, find rats to be a tasty meal for them. They are not the only ones. Rats are eaten by larger sized birds, such as hawks and eagles, and no one is questioning why they exist. Without rats their ability to find food would be greatly decreased and their populations would suffer.

It is also important to realize that rats also help to keep the human population down. Well this may seem an unpopular idea to many, the fact is that the diseases that rats carry mean that human beings don’t become overpopulated as well. That helps to make it so that there is enough food and water for people and so that the planet does not become overpopulated. For more information, you may want to click on one of these guides that I wrote:
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