What Should I Do After Finding A Nest Of Baby Skunks?

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There are many situations in which you can find yourself coming into contact with a nest of baby skunks, but in most cases this will be if you have found them in a cavity in a shed, under a shed or under the porch of a domestic property. The babies are usually born in May and early June, and take several months to grow to maturity, so it is worth noting that in most cases if it is earlier in the year or in the fall or winter, the nest will usually be empty. There are several steps that you will need to take, or you can contact a professional wildlife removal expert to carry out the work for you.

Beware Of The Female Skunk

The first thing to bear in mind when carrying out this kind of work is that you can expect to come into contact with an adult skunk, unless you have found the carcass of the female nearby. Females are likely to be quite aggressive when it comes to defending their young, so the first step after encountering a nest of baby skunks is to back off and to think about trapping the female so that you can safely deal with the nest.

Dealing With An Adult If It Is Present

While some professionals will actually place the baby skunks inside a cage trap to use as bait to catch the female, the best advice is to place a trap with a good smelly food such as cat food or fish as a bait near the entrance to the skunk's den. Once you have the female trapped, throw a blanket over the trap so that she cannot spray you, and then you can go in to remove the baby skunks.

Removing The Baby Skunks

It is worth noting that once the baby skunks are moving around, they can produce a small amount of the foul smelling fluid skunks are famous for, so make sure that you wear old clothing that you are happy to wash several times just in case! These can be gently removed from the nest by hand while wearing thick gloves, and can be placed in a box to be transported. Where possible, relocating the female and the babies together is the best option to deal with the infestation, and then you can clean and disinfect the area.

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