What Should I Do If I Find An Orphaned Baby Skunk Wandering About?

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Skunks are born blind and deaf, and will not even open their eyes until they are around three weeks old, so if you do find a baby skunk wandering about it will usually be at least a month old. If a skunk has been orphaned, then it has very little chance of surviving in the wild without assistance, but it is important that you take the right steps quickly in order to ensure that the baby skunk has the best chance of survival.

Ensure The Animal Has Been Orphaned

If you have seen the carcass of a female skunk nearby, or you are aware of a female skunk dying nearby, then you can look to take action immediately, although often the best option is to take a step back and to give the baby a chance to be recovered by its mother. In some cases it may have just wandered away from the nest, so it is best to monitor the animal for around an hour or so before you start to take action, and you certainly do not want an angry female skunk to find you taking its baby.

Hydrating The Animal

When you identify that there is no other option but to try and help the skunk, make sure that you place it carefully into a cardboard box lined with a towel of soft material, and place it in a warm room to try and bring the animal's temperature gradually up. If you cannot immediately transfer the animal to a wildlife rehabilitator, then you can use a warm pedialyte solution to try and rehydrate the animal. Make sure you receive guidance before trying to do this.

Should You Feed The Baby Skunk?

The important thing to avoid doing after finding an orphaned baby skunk is not to feed the animal, as this can often do more harm than good. Most food found in a domestic home, and liquids such as cow's milk are actually a hazard to the animal.

Getting The Baby To A Wildlife Rehabilitator

There are directories online and at your local veterinary practice which can point you towards a wildlife rehabilitator who will be able to help you with the baby skunk. It is important to get the animal to an expert as soon as possible, as this isn't a species that can be effectively raised by people without the appropriate training and experience.

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