Steps to take when removing a skunk in the basement, attic, or anywhere in a house

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If you have a skunk that has been able to get into your home, then you know that can be a real battle. With many of the other kind of rodents that you come across, you would likely take the extra steps to try to battle with the critter to get it out. With the raccoon, possum, or other similar kind of animal, you would most likely direct it some way, or maybe even try to even catch it using a bag or animal cage so that you can get it out of your home. You are likely to feel a lot more emboldened in a situation like this.

However, when you are dealing with a skunk then all bets are off. The fact that these animals are able to release an incredibly noxious and pungent odor by spraying an anal oil onto you changes that everything. You surely don't want to have this right on you and so you are going to be a lot less aggressive in trying to get the animal out of your home.

However, you simply can't let the skunk a stay in your attic or basement. You don't want this critter around it all, so something has to be done to get rid of it. The question becomes how do you remove a skunk that is inside your home?

That's a good question. Depending upon where it is located will make a big difference in what action you should take. For example, if the animal is in a spot like your basement or attic and has a means to get out on its own then your first reaction is to do nothing. Because you are able to keep the animal from gaining access into the main part of your home, you simply have to play a waiting game.

This starts by attaching a one-way exclusion funnel to the entryway that the skunk is using to gain access into your home. Once the animal goes through that funnel to the outside world, it will not be to get back in and your problem is resolved. Understanding that this rodent cannot regain access, it will eventually go on to another location and your problem is taking care of.

However, if it is in a main portion of your home now you have an entirely different problem. In this case, the best solution is to hire a professional to come and do the job. If you are unaware of who to turn to, try your local city or county animal control agency. The chances are quite likely that they will know of an agency that can help you to be able to get the skunk out of your home. In fact, they may be likely to even assist you to get it out. That way you don't have to do anything but let them do the work.

While you are waiting for this professional to come, keep the animal away from you and your pets.

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