Will City Or County Animal Services Assist Me With Persistent Skunk Issue?

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There was a time when the city and county animal services would be able to provide all kinds of services, but as with most government funded services there are efficiencies that have had to be found across the country. In the modern environment, it is rare to find a government funded job that can deal with pest animals for the public, unless there is a greater public issue attached with animal's presence. This means that there are only a relatively few number of situations where the government funded services will help you with a skunk problem.

Is There Evidence To Suggest The Skunk May Be Rabid?

Rabies is a condition that can have a serious impact on the skunk, but if it does get close to a person and attacks that individual, then it can have fatal consequences for that person too. If you do see a skunk that is frothing at the mouth, or is showing a distinct aversion to water, which is another symptom of rabies, then it certainly is worth speaking with your local animal services department. In this instance they will usually try to trap the animal so they can test to see if it is indeed rabid, and they will often then carry out tests on other animals in the area too.

Is There A Greater Public Health Risk Caused By The Skunk?

While rabies is the biggest public health concern that will lead to people contacting their local animal services team, if there is a situation where there is an obvious public health risk, then in some cases these departments can still help. If the animals have a den that is on government property then that can also lead to local teams being tasked with trying to catch and kill the animals.

Professionals Who Will Be Able To Help With Your Skunk Issue

The reality for domestic homeowners is that if they do find themselves in a situation where there is a skunk causing damage in their yard, or if a skunk has made a den beneath their porch, then they will need to deal with the situation themselves. This doesn't mean that you are alone in dealing with the problem, as there are many wildlife removal experts across the country that can be hired to catch and remove the skunk, and they will also have the expertise to achieve this without being sprayed by the animal.

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