Natural Skunk Diet

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If you asked the vast majority of people but the natural diet of a skunk is, you would likely hear that they simply don't care. People aren't concerned, for the most part, with what a skunk will eat. They simply want this creature to be as far away from them as possible.

Because of the anal spray that a skunk can release, as well as the parasites and pathogens that they carry, it is more indicative that people would simply want these animals to go away. Therefore, dietary habits simply aren't a concern.

However, there are those who are genuinely interested in all animals, and would find the eating habits of a skunk to be of interest to them. In addition, if you are a person who simply wants to see skunks stay away from their property, then it is a good idea to understand their dietary habits so you ensure that you are not inadvertently providing something on your land that may attract a skunk to your property. Therefore, if you are wanting to know what a skunk's natural diet is, here's some information for you.

Skunks are true omnivores, meaning that they will eat both plants and animal material as part of their regular diet. In terms of meat that they will eat, the most common portion of their diet are such things as grubs, earthworms, and eggs. It is also quite common for a skunk to eat small rodents, such as mice or rats, as well as frogs, snakes, birds, and salamanders.

While you may not think of a skunk as a kind of predator, the truth is that these creatures can be quite aggressive. They have very long and sharp nails on their front claws, which give them a decided advantage whenever they are on the hunt. A creature like a frog, snake, or mole, poses no real adversarial advantage against the skunk, because they simply cannot defend themselves against the sharp claws of these animals.

For insects, they are also subject to the aggressive behavior of the skunk. Grubs and earthworms may feel safe buried under the soil, but is skunk can use its claws to dig deep into the earth to be able to locate these creatures and make them their next meal. This is why it is not uncommon for people to go out into their yard the next morning and find that their lawn has been ripped to shreds. This may be caused by a skunk that is attempting to find food.

One interesting insect that skunks are particularly attracted to our honeybees. Because of their thick fur, they are able to adequately defend themselves from the stings of the bee, meaning that it is not very difficult for them to be able to attack a hive without being affected from the stings at all.

In terms of vegetation, skunks like to eat such things as lettuce, carrots, fruits, and nuts. They enjoy a wide variety of vegetation to eat.

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