Keeping Skunks Out Of My Garden

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Any house holder who is proud of their home and garden will find the kind of damage that a skunk can do to be particularly painful to see, and trying to find a way to keep these animals away will be a high priority. Skunks are naturally opportunistic animals, so by making things more difficult for them then it is often possible to make sure the skunks stay out of your garden quite quickly. There are a variety of different measures that can be taken, and not all will be appropriate in every scenario, but look at your own garden and see which ones can be implemented most easily.

Reduce The Number Of Easy Food Sources Present

The most attractive feature that will draw skunks to any area is the fact that it will provide an easy food source, so the steps that make it hard for the animal to obtain any food in the garden will be the most successful. This can include relatively simple tasks such as making sure that pet food and garbage aren't kept in the garden but are indoors, preferably in a sealed container. Fruit trees are also an attractive factor that will draw skunks, so making sure that you remove any low branches that can be reached from ground level, and picking up any fallen fruit quickly can be an effective way to keep skunks away.

Installing A Fence Around The Garden

Although the skunk is a talented digger, they aren't actually very good climbers, which means that a good fence can make a huge difference in how easily the skunks can get into the garden. When putting in a new fence, the best option is to use a metal mesh fence, and dig a trench before installing the fence so that you can embed the mesh into the ground by around six inches, which should be enough to stop the skunks from digging underneath. If you have other pest animals getting into your garden too, then using a fence where the top slopes outward, or using a barbed wire can stop animals getting over the top of the fence.

Should You Use Skunk Repellent To Keep Your Garden Skunk Free?

This is one of the biggest myths of all, and while the idea of spraying a substance around the border of your garden that will repel the skunk is an attractive one, unfortunately it isn't effective. For more information, you may want to click on one of these guides that I wrote:
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