What To Do If A Skunk Gets Into A House, Bedroom Or Kitchen?

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The idea of a smelly animal like a skunk being inside your home is one that can raise the hackles of many people, and understanding that if they spray their scent then it may require a lot of work to remove such a smell. This means that it is important to deal with a skunk cautiously and to stay well away to ensure that it doesn't perceive you as a threat. If it does, then there is a chance that it might try to spray you, and that is one of the main steps that you should look to avoid.

Try Not To Agitate The Skunk

Make sure that you do not get too close to the animal, and try to avoid stepping between the skunk and a route to the outdoors, as you can be sure the skunk will be quite fearful if it is trapped inside a domestic property. Remember that a skunk can spray accurately at a distance of several meters, so keep your movements slow and try not to startle the animal as you try to help it out of your property.

Create A Route To The Outside

In some cases the skunk will be in a room which has a door opening directly to the outdoors, but in the cases where this isn't present, try to give the skunk the shortest route to freedom. Where there is a situation where the skunk isn't moving, try to create a trail of bait out of your home, by leaving biscuits, chunks of peanut butter on bread or even a trail of marshmallows to guide the skunk out of your home.

Trapping And Removing The Skunk

If trying to get the animal out in this way doesn't work, then the next option will be to try and trap the animal so that it can be removed, and this should only be used if you have a cage trap to hand. This can be placed in the room with the skunk, along with some food as a bait. If this works then throw a blanket over the cage and remove the animal from your property, otherwise your next step may be to call a professional.

Cleaning And Dealing With Any Residual Smell

If the skunk has released its spray inside your home, then you may need some time to actually remove the scent, and it will often require a fair amount of work. There are several different recipes and strong shampoos that can be used including one made with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and liquid soap, but this work is precisely why you want to avoid agitating the skunk. For more information, you may want to click on one of these guides that I wrote:
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