Do Skunks Actually Jump

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Skunks are very unique animals that have adapted very differently to most other mammals, and the white stripe contrasting against the black fur actually makes it stand out, rather than helping to camouflage the animal. The ability to jump is one that has a practical use for many animals such as the squirrels, as this allows them to get to food sources higher in the trees, but is also most important as an escape route from other predators. Because of the fact that most predators will have learned not to try and catch a skunk because of the horrendous scent, skunks always had less of a need to jump as a method of escaping potential predators.

The Ability Of A Skunk To Jump

When you look at the skunk’s body, it does have quite strong hind legs, and often being around the same size as a cat then it could be thought that the skunk would be as agile as a cat too. However, because they do not need to jump in order to be able to find appropriate food sources or to escape predators, skunks simply haven’t really developed their jumping abilities in the same way. The same can be said about their ability to climb, as although they do have strong claws, they actually don’t use them for climbing, so cannot really use this method to get up and over obstacles that are in their way.

What This Means For Those Dealing With Problem Skunks

Understanding this part of a skunk’s biology is useful to those who are having problems with these nuisance animals, as effectively it means that if you are trying to keep them out of a yard or garden, then putting a fence in place can be effective, and it doesn’t have to be too high. The difference is that because skunks are very effective diggers, it is also important that any fence you put in place is embedded at least six inches into the ground. By doing this it will help you to prevent the skunks from digging under the fence, and getting into a yard or garden in that method too.

The Other Problems Of Dealing With Skunks

While the fact that they can’t jump helps people to deal with problem skunks, there are actually several problems that can make them difficult to deal with, and the main issue is the musk they spray if they feel threatened. This means that even if you have the animal trapped in a cage trap, they can still get at you using this scent, so it is important to be aware of this when you are dealing with the skunk. Another issue for those dealing with problem skunks is the fact that many skunks are actually rabies carriers, and while most people won’t get too close to the animals, to trap and remove them you may get within biting distance.

Evicting Skunks From A Yard Or Garden

If you are at all worried about dealing with a problem skunk, then one way to deal with the problem is to hire a professional to remove the skunk that is causing the issue. One of the ways to evict skunks is to ensure the yard or garden is sturdily fenced, and then create a one-way exit out of the garden using a cage trap with one end opened, and then sealing the area around the trap with chicken wire, and once you know the skunk is gone you can seal that remaining gap in the fence. Trapping and removal can also work, but it is important that you research this properly, and once caught transfer the skunk at least ten miles away from the property. For more information, you may want to click on one of these guides that I wrote:
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