Do skunks kill chickens?

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You probably don't think about this, but a skunk can be just as much of a predator as a wolf or coyote. No, it is not that they are going to go out and attack people or try to take on a fox or a dog, but a skunk is the kind of animal that will eat a wide variety of foods, and that can mean that it will use its predatory instincts to be able to get food that it needs for survival.

Skunks are omnivores, meaning that they will eat both vegetation and meet. Generally, the kind of meat that a fox needs are such things as bugs, eggs, or small creatures such as lizards, toads, and frogs. These are easily captured by the skunk, because this animal has long claws that enable it to be able to puncture the outer skin of its prey, kill it, and then tear it apart to be able to eat.

While skunks normally keep their predatory focus on smaller kinds of animals, there can be instances where they will try to attack larger ones. If you are a farmer or a person who likes to raise their own chickens, you may wonder if skunks kill chickens?

The answer to this question is yes. There are really two reasons why a skunk would kill a chicken. First of all, a skunk is not going out of its way to try to kill a chicken for food. If there are other sources for a meal out there for it, then it will after a chicken.

One of the kinds of foods that a skunk truly enjoys our eggs. In this way is very much like a fox, and so it will devour the eggs of such things as snakes, birds, and other kinds of animals. If it comes across a chicken coop where there are eggs that are present, and it finds that a chicken is standing in the way of its ability to get those eggs, then it may lash out at the chicken to be able to kill it so that it has access to the eggs. In this way, it is not looking to kill the chicken for food, but only to stop it from trying to get the skunk to go away.

However, there are instances where a skunk is hungry enough that it will go directly after a chicken to get food. This is why it is important if you live in an area where there are skunks that are known to be present that you do all that you can to keep these animals from having access to your chickens.

Because of their incredibly long and sharp claws, they are able to do serious damage to virtually any animal that they come across, and your chickens would be no match against a skunk. This means that you have to protect them to keep them safe, so having them caged at night so that the skunk not have access is extremely important.

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