Do skunks dig in lawns looking for food?

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Skunks are one of those kinds of animals that nobody really wants around their house. Because of the fact that they would lease that horrible spray whenever they feel threatened, you simply don't want to take the risk of your dog or cat startling this critter and it leaving this pungent odor around your home. Even worse, it could wind up on your dog or your child leaving you wondering if they will ever get back in the home again.

But this is not the only challenge that a skunk can create. These are critters that love to eat large insects, especially things like grubs, which may be found in your lawn. Because of this it may make you wonder if skunks will take in the lawn looking for food?

Without a doubt they most certainly well. Skunks have very sharp front claws, which is ideal for them to be able to take with. This allows them to be able to dig up your yard to be able to access bugs, like grubs, which are living in your lawn. The skunk will continue to take and try to gain access to as much food as possible, often at the expense of your beautifully manicured yard.

Just so you are aware, skunks have extremely sharp claws. Often, skunks that come near the shore of a creek or lake will be able to dig open shelves that can contain food for them by simply ripping the shells open with their claws. They are not only sharp, but are extremely powerful all at the same time.

A skunk can even use their very sharp claws to be able to dig their way under your fence so that they can gain access into your yard. This is one of the primary ways that a skunk will work its way into your yard. If there is the smallest gap between your fence and the ground, the skunk will continue to dig its way until it is able to create a large enough hole that it can climb underneath the fence and get into your yard. At that point, not only is your lawn an area that the skunk will explore, but they are also known to get into people's gardens, their trash, and even into their pet's dish.

What you can see is that these are animals that will use everything that they have at their disposal to be able to get into whatever they want, and that can mean that your lawn can be a casualty of that desire.

If you are going to take action to keep these animals away, that is a good idea but tread lightly. Keep in mind that it will not take much for them to get agitated and spray you, leaving you and your yard smelling truly like hell. Take preventative measures to keep them away, ones that take into account their ability to be able to combat their sharp claws and you will find yourself skunk free.

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