Getting Rid Of Skunks Out From Under Your Shed Or Porch

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There are several different products on the market that claim to be able to get rid of skunks that have created a nest in a cavity beneath a shed or porch, but whether these are chemical or audio devices, neither can effectively deal with a skunk problem. If you are in a position where you need to get rid of skunks from this kind of area on your property, then trapping the skunks and then removing them is your best course of action.

Choosing And Locating Your Trap

When it comes to the best type of trap that can be used to deal with a skunk, a sturdy metal cage trap is usually your best option, and look for one that is designed for skunks, raccoons or feral cats, as the weight required to trigger the trap and the size of the cage is about right. In terms of location, if there is only one point that the skunk is using to get in and out, place the trap over this, and you can seal it around the edges using chicken wire. Alternatively, any area where the skunk is active can be a good choice.

Baiting A Skunk Trap

Skunks have a very varied diet so there are several different types of bait that can be used, with meat and fish such as chicken offal, insect larvae, smelly fish, bacon and cat food all popular. Some people also use marshmallows or peanut butter on bread as a bait. It is important that you ensure the skunk has to get all the way into the trap in order to get to the bait, and try to weight the trap so that the skunk can't flip it over to steal the bait.

Relocation Or Euthanasia?

Once you have trapped the animal then there are a couple of options that you can use, and sometimes you may be restricted by local regulations so try these first. If you are relocating the animal then make sure it is at least ten miles away from your area, and well away from other domestic properties where the skunk will be a further nuisance. If this isn't possible, then look for a way to kill the skunk humanely and quickly.

Repairs And Cleaning

Having removed the skunk, make sure that you remove any feces or other material from the skunks that have contaminated the cavity. Look for any cables or flooring that may have been damaged and carry out the repairs. Finally, spray the area with a disinfecting solution that will neutralize any further contamination in the area. For more information, you may want to click on one of these guides that I wrote:
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