Should I consider poisoning a skunk?

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There are several different ways that can be used to try and deal with a pest animal problem such as a skunk infestation, but one of the most harmful developments during the twentieth century was the use of poison to deal with problem animals. Using poison is really a very reckless thing to do when it comes to dealing with pest animals, and this approach will often cause more harm than good. If you are thinking of dealing with a skunk problem yourself, make sure to find a proper solution rather than resorting to such a barbaric and reckless method.

Locating The Carcass Of The Skunk

A massive issue for those who are poisoning the skunk is that it can be very difficult to locate the carcass, because as it starts to decay the stench will draw a range of other pest animals to the area. There are myths that suggests that poison will drive animals outdoors to die as they become dehydrated, but this is really just a myth, and the skunk is just as likely to die curled up in its den as it is to die outdoors.

The Dangers Of Using Poison

Another significant problem when it comes to resorting to poison as a solution for a pest animal problem is that poison is a truly indiscriminate killer, and there is certainly no safe way of using poison. Where ever you place the poison, either other animals or even children will be able to get hold of the substance, and in these cases then it can cause significant health problems to your children and domestic pets.

Greater Harm To The Ecology Of Your Area Caused By Using Poison

Poison can also be a hazard to other species, as if you are unable to locate the carcass promptly then there are other animal species that may consume the meat of the skunk after it has died. In extreme cases, this can lead to some animals being killed having eaten parts of an animal that had died from poisoning.

Better Alternatives To Dealing With A Skunk Problem

Poison is a filthy way to deal with pest animals, and when you do want to find a genuine solution to the problem, your best bet is to either hunt the animal or to trap it and remove the animal from your area. This means that you will not even have to touch the carcass of the skunk, which brings with it another range of issues to deal with. For more information, you may want to click on one of these guides that I wrote:
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