Where Should I Relocate A Trapped Skunk?

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The humane option when it comes to dealing with pest animals is to catch them, and then to release the animal in an area where it can continue its existence, without causing a problem for other people. Skunks are a particular nuisance because they can cut open garbage bags so they can scavenge through food leftovers, and they have also been known to steal pet food and other food from people's yards and gardens. When a skunk does start to become a problem, one of the best options is to catch the animal and then to relocate it well away from your home.

Distance From Your Property

While there is no definitive answer as to the exact distance you need to transport the skunk, most experts will recommend a distance over ten miles away, and obviously the further away it is relocated the less likely it is to be able to return to the area around your home. When it comes to transporting the skunk over this distance, use a flatbed truck or a pickup truck to carry the animal, as you certainly don't want it riding in the cabin of a car or truck with you where it can spray. To help keep the animal calm while you transport it, the best option is to have a blanket or thick plastic cover wrapped around the cage throughout the journey.

Geographical Features For A Good Relocation Spot

When you are choosing the ideal spot to release the skunk that you have captured, bear in mind that in the wild skunks are at their best in woodland areas. If you can find a location that has a fair amount of woodland then the skunk will often be given the best chance of survival, as its natural diet means it can eat a lot of the foliage, fruit and nuts to be found there.

Local Regulations About Relocating Trapped Animals

Bear in mind when you are thinking of a location where you can release your trapped skunk, some states and counties will have particular regulations about how far you can transport the animal, or whether it can be transported over state lines. In some cases, there will be areas that prohibit the relocation of pest animals altogether, and in these instances euthanasia or releasing the animal in the immediate vicinity will be the only other options that you will have available. For more information, you may want to click on one of these guides that I wrote:
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