Removing skunk smell from house or car

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While they may look kind of cute, there is nothing that a person likes to see less than a skunk. When confronted by a predator or startled in some way, these animals react by releasing the most pungent odor imaginable, something that is beyond hideous in terms of its smell and impact on your senses. This causes people to run away as quickly as they can the moment they see this creature because the last thing they want is to take the risk that they will be sprayed by it.

Unfortunately, there may be instances where a skunk has gotten into your house or into your car and has released is horrific spray. Now you have one of the most important possessions that you own smelling like the most ungodly thing imaginable and you have no idea how to get rid of it. If you are wondering how to remove skunk smell from a house or car, here are some tips for you.

First of all, understand that the spray that is skunk unleashes is nothing more than a series of oils. This is why the smell can endure for such a long period of time, because oils are not is easily dissolvable on material, or even on you, as would be a water-soluble substance. Knowing this, this is part of the battle that you can now successfully Wen because you understand what is needed to be able to remove the smell.

What you are looking to do is to neutralize the odor. Simply opening the windows is not the ticket. You have to do a little bit more than this. For in your house or in your car you will need some materials to get started. These include vinegar, bleach, ammonia, and then some containers to hold them in, like a bucket or bowl, and a sponge.

Next, it is the material itself that you need to clean that is important. For example, if you are dealing with something like tile or stone, something that is found quite often inside the home, then you need to treat this with bleach. The bleach should be diluted in water before applying, to protect the finish of the material itself. Clean the area thoroughly a few times and you should be able to eliminate that smell in no time.

If you are talking about cleaning such things as wood then the choice is ammonia. Dilute some ammonia and water and wash the area and you should start to see a significant improvement on the smell. In fact, it is a good idea after you have cleaned your car or home to simply leave a bottle of ammonia open inside the location. This will help to remove out that smell.

For cleaning seats, dashboards, and furniture, it is a good idea to use something like a vinegar and water blend. This will ensure that your materials do not get damaged, but will also remove out the smell in no time.

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