Are High Pitch Sounds Effective as Sound Deterrents against skunks?

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Searching online and looking in retailers for the best way to deal with a pest animal will often bring up the subject of the high pitch sound deterrent machine, as these are devices that are said to work very effectively against pest animals of all types. Indeed, when you examine the range of different options that are available, there are some very plausible sounding claims made about how effective they area, and you will also see a number of different items on the market. The reality in this situation, as many people who have used them unsuccessfully have found, is that these devices are not particularly effective against skunks, and against the myriad other pest animals these devices are said to repel.

The Myth Behind This Type Of Deterrent

The theory that is said to support this type of device is that high pitched noises, which are usually outside the range of human hearing, are said to be unbearable to all types of different animals, and when these devices are used then the animal will find it so unpleasant that they will leave. However, when it comes to the evidence that is available to back up this kind of claim, it is usually very flimsy or not presented at all, and despite all of the flash packaging and the bold claims, these devices are usually a poor substitute for dealing with a skunk problem properly.

Different Types Of Devices Available

The audio repellent systems are usually split into two types, with some that are triggered by movement and are battery operated, emitting a burst of high pitched sound, and others that need a power supply and emit a permanent high pitched sound. Along with the types of device, you will also find that the complexity and the size of the systems can also vary, from small one speaker units up to those that are mounted on poles and have a series of large speakers emitting this sound.

How To Solve A Skunk Problem

If you are having skunk issues around your property, then the best recognized way to deal with the problem is to trap the skunk and then to remove it to an area where it won't be a problem, or to humanely dispose of the animal. This can be done using a cage trap, and once completed it is then worth taking action to prevent skunks or other pest animals from returning to your property. For more information, you may want to click on one of these guides that I wrote:
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