The Equipment Needed To Trap A Skunk

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If you have been experiencing issues around your property such as garbage being cut open and scavenged for food, or signs that the skunk's distinctive spray has been released in the area, then it is natural that you would want to do something about it. There are several different methods of approaching this, but trapping the skunk is the most common way of dealing with the issue, and depending on where you live you can then either relocate and release the animal or have it humanely destroyed. Here is what you'll need to catch the animal.

Cage Trap

The most common type of cage trap that is used to catch a skunk will be a one door version, where the door is at one end of the cage, and the trigger is at the other, meaning the skunk has to go all the way into the trap to trigger the door to close. It is important that you choose one that is the right size, about the same size as those used to catch feral cats and opossums, as if you choose a trap that is too small, the skunk won't get in, and too large and the skunk won't trigger the trap.


This is usually placed just over the trigger or behind the trigger to draw the skunk into the trap. Many different types of food can be used, including meat and fish based food such as cat food, crispy bacon and smelly fish. You can also have success using sweet treats such as peanut butter on bread and marshmallows.

Blanket Or Thick Cloth Cover For Trap

Once you see the trap has caught the skunk, try to approach it quietly from a direction where the skunk cannot see you. Throw the blanket or cover over the trap, as this will reduce the chances of the skunk seeing you and trying to spray you with its foul smelling substance.

Protective Clothing

Skunks can bite and scratch quite badly, and with some skunks carrying a range of diseases it is best to be careful. Old thick jeans and a sweater should be worn, while thick gardening gloves will protect your hands. It is also worth wearing goggles and a breathing mask if you will be in a confined space with the animal.

Vehicle To Transport The Skunk

Preferably a pickup truck or other vehicle where you can open the roof, you do not want the skunk spraying its scent inside the car. This should have some kind of fixing points to hold the skunk's cage in place while it is being relocated. For more information, you may want to click on one of these guides that I wrote:
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