How to tell if skunk is under porch or shed

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There are many different animals that can be a pest animal, and when it comes to skunks they are certainly more likely to be in a ground level cavity such as those beneath a shed or porch. These areas mimic the dens that they will dig themselves in the wild, although some of the other signs can be indicators of other pest animals such as opossums or raccoons. This is how you can identify that it is a skunk that is causing your pest animal problem, and how to deal with the situation once you have identified that it is skunks you are dealing with.

Tell-Tale Signs Of A Skunk Infestation

Skunks will usually keep their foraging and hunting activities fairly close to their den if they are beneath your porch or shed, so as well as the tearing of garbage bags, one distinctive sign of their presence is that you will see cone shaped digging signs in your garden, where they are trying to catch insects. Because they are good burrowers, you should also see signs of digging around where they are getting in to the cavity beneath your shed or porch.

Reaction Of Domestic Animals

Cats will usually steer clear of skunks as they would most other animals, but because dogs are more inquisitive they will often try to approach the skunk or to investigate the unusual scent in their territory. If you see that your dog is cautious about entering the area around a porch or shed, then this could be a sign they have already been scared away. Naturally, if they have scratches that appear to be from a fight, or have been sprayed by a skunk's scent then this should be a giveaway too.

Checking For A Skunk Infestation

When you are preparing to investigate the cavity to see if there are skunks present, then make sure you take the right precautions and wear thick old clothes, and especially a pair of thick gardening gloves to protect your hands. It is also worth considering a breathing mask and goggles because of the diseases they can carry. Using a torch, look inside the cavity to see whether or not there are skunks present, but be careful for animals rushing out. If there are skunks present, then trapping and removing the animals is the best course of action. For more information, you may want to click on one of these guides that I wrote:
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