Getting Skunks Out From A Window Well

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If you own a property that has a basement, or rent a property with a window to allow natural light into a basement or basement apartment, then one thing that can sometimes happen is that you may find a skunk fall into the window well. The window well is the space outside a window that is opened out to give you the opportunity to have a window in a basement, but it doesn't necessarily have any surface that the skunk can use to climb back out again.

Why Do Skunks Get Trapped In A Window Well?

When it comes to the skunk's senses, they do tend to have a strong sense of hearing and a strong sense of smell, but their sight is often a problem and this is often the reason why they can fall down such holes. The second problem is that although their claws are strong for digging, skunks are not natural climbers, and unless there is a surface there to help them out, then they will become frustrated at being stuck in a small space.

Use A Wooden Board To Provide A Walkway Out

Skunks are most active around dawn and dusk, so it is best to do this a short time before this part of the day. Find a piece of wood that is long enough to be dropped into the window well, and place it into the hole on an angle to give the skunk a way to get out. In most cases they will be able to climb out up this kind of walkway, however if the gradient is too steep, or the animal is too cautious, then you may need to use the second approach.

Using A Garbage Can On A Rope

The second way of removing the animal is to lift it out, and for this you will need to attach a rope to the handle of a garbage can, place some smelly meat or cheese in the bottom of the garbage can, and then lower it into the well on its side. Once the skunk goes into the garbage can, tilt it so that it becomes vertical, and lift the skunk out of the well, preferable staying well clear as you release it.

Covering Up Your Window Well

Once you have removed the skunk from the window well, then you can look at installing a wire mesh screen over the opening that will still allow plenty of natural light in, but will prevent animals and litter from falling into your window well. For more information, you may want to click on one of these guides that I wrote:
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