PHOTO GALLERY: Click on any photo for a larger image.

Here are some photos I have taken while at work. They demonstrate some
of the methods I used to catch squirrels living in homes, apartments, and
commercial buildings. Take note of some of the advanced techniques that
I use to efficiently and safely catch all of the squirrels, before I safely
relocate them to the wild.

Six squirrels in one cage?

My special multi-catch system catches the target squirrels when they come out

I can get one at a time (out of porch ceiling)

Or two at a time (out of fascia board)

Or three at a time (out of broken vent pipe)

Or four at a time (out of dryer vent)

Got that last straggler

Another commercial job

Out of the gable vent at an apartment

Here's the view from the inside

Dehydrated squirrels love oranges

Love them, I say

Another multi-trap under soffit

They went into the soffit by this pipe.

I pulled this baby out of a chimney with a rope

Sometimes you have to catch them in the attic

On a fence

On a wall

On a roof

In a treasure chest at a store (infants)

Baby squirrels in pockets

baby squirrels in hands