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Minnesota Wildlife Commission: 651-296-6157

Minnesota Game WardenIf you have any questions about the wildlife of Minneapolis, you can contact the Minnesota Wildlife Commission, sometimes called the Minnesota Fish & Wildlife Agency. Minnesota game wardens address many wildlife management matters, from hunting licenses, to poaching, endangered species, and Minneapolis wildlife management. They deal with wild animals outside the range of a pest control company, such as cougars or bears. If you have a problem with nuisance wildlife in Minneapolis like squirrels, snakes, bats, or raccoons, the state agency is very unlikely to help. You need to hire a private company (here are their prices) such as Beast Wildlife Company at 612-503-8440.

I also have listed several sources for free Minneapolis wildlife help. One example, if you've found an injured animal or lost baby bird or other baby animal is the Minneapolis Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic: 651-486-9453 Or just read below for more info about the wild animals of Minneapolis.

Types of Wildlife and Animal Problems in Minneapolis, MN

Minnesota State bird: Common loon
State mammal: Black bear
State amphibian: Northern leopard frog
State fish: Walleye
State insect: Monarch butterfly

Minnesota is the northernmost state second only to Alaska. It is known as "the land of 10,000 lakes"-and for good reason. There are actually well over 11,000 glacial lakes throughout the landscape. Those 11,000 lakes are joined by over 6,000 streams and rivers. Minnesota has abundant farm land to the south and a large expanse of forest called the North Woods. Over 60 percent of the state's population is condensed into the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area, leaving the rest of the state sparsely populated. Minnesota also has over 10 million acres of wetlands, the most of any state except Alaska.

Even though this state has preserved areas of old-growth forests, the majority of the forested land-about one third of the state-is re-growth. Much of Minnesota was logged in its early years, an activity that created so much loss of habitat, common native animals like bison, caribou, elk, and pine martin have dwindled. The new forests are excellent, however, for smaller creatures like raccoons, foxes, bats, skunks, porcupines, and bobcats.

Minnesota has a multitude of squirrels including the flying squirrel, the fox squirrel, the gray squirrel, the red squirrel, and the thirteen-lined ground squirrel (also known as the Minnesota gopher).

The prairie land in the state has its usual mix of creatures. There are plenty of moles, voles, mice, rats, and gophers. Living off these animals as a food supply are animals like the badger. This large, fierce creature lives in an underground burrow which it will violently defend.

Not surprisingly, the abundance of wetlands in this state provides a fantastic ecosystem for many aquatic and semi-aquatic animals. Minnesota has a thriving population of beavers, otters, and muskrats. The state is home to hundreds of reptiles and amphibians like blue-spotted salamanders, painted turtles, mudpuppies, prairie skinks, and mink frogs.

With plenty of habitat, the state can easily support larger animals. It has the highest number of timber wolves outside of Alaska. Other large predators, like mountain lions, coyotes, and bears can be spotted all through the state. Their counterparts, the large grazing animals, are moose, elk, bison, and caribou. White-tailed deer are the most populous of the large hooved-animals. They provide an ample supply of food for the timber wolves roaming the countryside.

If you need a professional wildlife trapper in Minneapolis, MN call Beast Wildlife Company: 612-503-8440

Minneapolis Raccoons:

This masked animal is fairly common in Minneapolis, MN. They frequently raid trash cans and steal pet food. They also often choose to live in the attic or chimney of your home. One of Minnesota's beautiful animals, but often a nuisance. We offer Minneapolis raccoon removal.

Minneapolis Squirrels:

Squirrels are often a pest in Minneapolis. They love to live in an attic, and will chew on wood or electrical wires. They are agile creatures, and live throughout the state of Minnesota. Call Beast Wildlife Company if you need squirrel removal in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Opossum:

You may spot this animal in Minneapolis at night time, perhaps rooting through your garbage. This opportunistic animal will take your pet's food or live under your porch. The possum is a great Minnesota survivor, and not all that ugly.

Minneapolis Snakes:

There are many species of snakes in Minneapolis, but few are venomous. If you need help identifying snakes of Minnesota, browse this site or give us a call at 612-503-8440. We at Beast Wildlife Company can provide Minneapolis snake control any time you need us.

Minneapolis Rat Control:

The Norway Rat, Roof Rat, and House Mouse inhabit most areas of North America that people inhabit, including most Minnesota cities. They contaminate food and love to live in the walls or attic of a home. Beast Wildlife Company can get rid of them once and for all.

Minneapolis Bats:

Bats are special animals, and found throughout Minnesota. They are good creatures and eat a lot of insects, but if you have an infestation of bats in your home or building, you can give us a call for professional Minneapolis bat removal and control.


To report a dead animal on the road, an injured bird, a lost baby squirrel, a dangerous bear, or anything like that, call animal services at (612) 673-6222

If they can't help, call the Minnesota Wildlife Commission at (612) 673-6222. You can also call your local sheriff department at (612) 673-6222 - they often deal with public wildlife issues.

We are experts with all kinds of MN wildlife and are familiar with the wild animals native to Minneapolis. If you need Minneapolis pigeon control, geese or other bird removal, we can help. We are experts with skunks and skunk problems, digging animals such as moles, armadillos, & groundhogs, and we offer Minnesota beaver control and removal. Beast Wildlife Company also provides dead animal removal services. 612-503-8440

We provide professional yet affordable contracted fee for services primarily dealing with but not limited to the safe and expedient removal of nuisance and damage causing animals in and around both private residences and commercial properties. We are licensed, insured and a nationally certified damage management professional serving Minneapolis, all of Hennipen County, the west metro and the cities and counties towards and including the St. Cloud area. The wildlife species we will contract to remove include: Raccoon, Squirrel, Chipmunk, Rat, Mouse, Pocket gopher, Vole, Shrew, Woodchuck, Opossum, Muskrat, Fox, Coyote, Bats, Moles, Skunk, Beaver and others. We specialize in the control of Moles, Skunk and Beaver problem solutions. Additional professional services offered include: Wildlife damage repair, wildlife exclusion, wildlife damage inspections of homes/or buildings for property managers, real estate agents, sellers/buyers etc. and animal damage inspection/appraisals for insurance companies to confirm or assure cause of damage for claims received.

Please, no calls about dogs or cats. Direct such calls to Hennepin County Animal Services: (612) 348-4250

Minneapolis Wildlife Tip
One More Rodent House: How To Get Rid Of Them - When you end up with one more rodent house, how to get them off your property becomes a priority. To be clear, we are not talking about the rodent houses that people place on their trees that serve as little shelters to rodents. We mean when a rodent has made its way into your home or property and they have become a lot more of a problem than a wonder of nature. That can be a home they have made in your yard or a nest which they have made in the insulation in your attic. So how do you get rid of them?

If the rodents are outside then you have to get to the nest which they have made and destroy it. You should also get rid of the food or water sources that they have found in your property. Eventually without the food and water, the rodents should move on. As far as rodents inside your home, it is recommended that you use traps to get rid of them. You could try to catch them without traps, but you run the risk of injuring yourself and the rodent. Traps are a much easier and secure way of getting them out of your home.
Minneapolis, MN Wildlife News Clip:
MINNEAPOLIS WILDLIFE - Hennepin County: In exchange for funding improvements to the county wildlife management habitat, the city wants a 20-year lease agreement to "use and occupy" the improvements. What that means may be the county will be able to use the new areas of the building, but animals removed from Minneapolis will have priority in those sections should space becomes an concern. Whereas the county wants the city to continue funding the salary and benefits of the two Minneapolis officers - a total of $32,307 for 2006 - the city wants the county to share the costs for the first five years of what may be to be a 20-year agreement. After the fifth year, the county would shoulder all of the personnel costs. "We think it's only fair to ask that the city pay the personnel costs of the city's employees, while we pay for all the ongoing costs of animal costs within the city of Minneapolis, as well as the upkeep of the wildlife containment unit," declared The critter professor, noting the county's suggestion may be identical to other multi-jurisdictional operations in Hennepin County, such as the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) and the Auto Theft Task Force. While the county promised "prompt consideration" to all requests within Minneapolis regarding animal control requests, city officials want the county to adhere to its ordinance of a yearly average response time of 20 minutes on city calls, with a maximum of 20 minutes as an "acceptable" response time. "We just want to make certain that city residents at least have the same level of service they are accustomed to," The nuisance wildlife trapper declared. "We don't want any level of service to drop." Even if those concerns are resolved, the problem with the wastewater treatment system remains. The city and county were hoping to solve the problem by hooking up the wildlife containment unit to Minneapolis's water and wastewater system. However, the costs associated with running the lines are "much greater" than anticipated and it may be no longer as option, The critter professor declared. But The critter professor and the others remain optimistic an amicable solution can be reached, if, for no other reason, that the city and county's options are limited and even more costly if they go it alone. "Our job now may be discuss the concerns each of us have and see we can work it out," The nuisance wildlife trapper declared. "It's got to be a win-win for it to work." "Bureaucracy sometimes hamstrings progress," The critter professor declared. "But we both have an incentive to get this resolved quickly. We may have fundamental differences from time to time, but we've got a starting point. Now we've just got to tweak to both sides' satisfaction."

Critter Problem at Your House? Hire Beast Wildlife Company
Wildlife removal is not a free service.

Minneapolis Wildlife ControlIf you have a Minneapolis wildlife problem and need help, call Beast Wildlife Company at 612-503-8440. They provide professional wildlife control for both residential & commercial customers in the city of Minneapolis. They offer custom Minneapolis wildlife control solutions for almost any type of wildlife problem, whether it be the noises of squirrels running through the attic, a colony of bats living in a building, or the destructive behavior of a raccoon, they have the experience and the tools to quickly and professionally solve your wild animal problem in Hennepin County in Minnesota. Check their prices, and for a consultation, give them a call at 612-503-8440

We also service the towns of Hamburg, Ellsworth, WI, Woodbury, and rat control in Andover, Harris, Plymouth, Champlin, Mound, Glenwood City, WI, and wildlife trapping in New Germany, Vadnais Heights, Castle Rock and also animal control in St Francis, Silver Creek, Stewart, and animal capture in Albertville, Shakopee, Lakeville, Wayzata, Ramsey, and snake removal in Blaine, Waconia, Lino Lakes, Mendota, Young America, Shorewood, Braham and pest control in Woodville, WI, Rogers, Almelund, and animal exterminating in White Bear Lake, Afton, Shoreview, Plato, Zimmerman, Stillwater, Hastings, Deer Park, WI, Brownton and wild animal services in Buffalo, Glencoe, Minnetrista, Waverly, Grandy, Brooklyn Park, and extermination services in Edina, Winsted, Montrose, Taylors Falls, Farmington, Newport, St Louis Park and wildlife management in Orono, Wyoming, Howard Lake, Lester Prairie, Excelsior, Prior Lake, Maple Lake, and rodent removal in New Brighton, Clear Lake, Loretto, Falcon Heights.

You're still reading this page? We do not operate Minneapolis wildlife rescue, or a Minneapolis zoo or nature center, or Minneapolis wildlife sanctuary or refuge for volunteers. We are a privately owned nuisance wildlife removal service company. If you need a pro in Minneapolis to solve your problem for you, call Beast Wildlife Company: 612-503-8440 and they can help you with your Minneapolis wildlife problem.

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