? Albino Rat Caught on a Snap Trap
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Albino Rat Caught on a Snap Trap

albino rat

09.15.2004 - Wow, an albino rat!  This was my first and likely only albino rat of my career.  I've caught over 1000 rats in my time so far, both with lethal and live traps, and I've never seen an albino rat before.  Sure, white rats aren't terribly rare, especially the white Norway Rats that people keep as pets, but this rat was a true naturally-occurring albino rat.

Albinism is a hereditary condition, caused by a lack of melanin pigments.  It's usually passed on from recessive genes from both parents.  Albino genes are often weeded out amongst wild animals, particularly if the animals rely on camouflage, because then they are easier to spot by predators, and thus eaten early.

There's not much else to say about this catch, I just wanted to document a rare and exciting event in the otherwise boring life of a rat control expert.

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How to prevent an albino rat, or any rat, in your house - You can prevent a rat in your house by taking hold of the reins of responsible homeownership. Owning a home is about more than just decorating the inside. A home needs to be cared for on the outside as well. Weather and time will create openings and gaps in the exterior of the building. It only takes one weak spot for a rat to sneak inside. Home repair is the best method of prevention when it comes to all pest animals. If they cannot get inside, animals cannot become nuisances.

Other than openings, there is no rhyme or reason to what houses are targeted by rats. You may be unfortunately to live next to a landfill. If that’s the case, you need to be proactive about keeping rats out. As long as your home is secure, you have little to fear, though the lawn and other parts of the property can be adjusted to help keep your home from being attacked. Rats like fruit trees and vegetable gardens. They also like compost and unprotected garbage. Make sure things like these are secured or not available. It may take some time and money, but you can have the flowers and trees you want without providing food for the rats.

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