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Armadillo Cage - Pet Armadillo?

02.06.2007 - The beautiful face of an armadillo. Just look at that snotty nose and those sharp claws! Who wouldn't want an armadillo for a pet? Why, you could just keep the armadillo in a cage or a pen, and it would be a fine and loyal companion, with all the benefits of a Golden Retriever, plus a tougher exterior and barely any shedding. We should all have pet armadillos, right? Right. I mean wrong.

I've received numerous requests over the years for armadillo specimens to be donated as pets. The problem is that this animal isn't really suitable as a pet. At least, I don't think it is. While the demeanor of the dillo is just fine and dandy and docile, the problem is that they require a certain type of habitat and food source that can't be easily replicated. They maintain a large home range with multiple underground burrows, and they dig all of their food out of the ground. I don't think that there's any kind of surface food that they'll eat. Otherwise, I'd have used it all these years as armadillo bait.

I'm sure that some zoos out there have found a way to keep domesticated armadillos, and have found some sort of habitat that they'll live in and food that they'll eat, but I think it'd be a challenge. And besides, armadillos sleep about twenty hours a day, so they wouldn't provide much entertainment. Although an armadillo can catch a Frisbee in its mouth.

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Armadillo Population - The armadillo population is one that isn't native to North America, but this hasn't stopped it from growing significantly since it moved northwards from its South American origins. One of the reasons that the armadillo population has grown significantly since it arrived in North America is that the surroundings in the south eastern states particularly are very welcoming for armadillos. This is because the armadillo came from an area of temperate swampy areas that offered plenty of ground cover, which is quite similar to that which is to be found in its natural homeland.

However, this growth in population in a country which also has a large human population has inevitably brought conflict between people and armadillos. One of the problems about armadillos is that they are often attracted to areas such as roads, and because they are nocturnal creatures there are many armadillos that are killed on the roads of the USA every year. Another problem is that many yards and gardens will prove very attractive to armadillos, because the lawns and beds will prove to be very good hunting grounds for armadillos, and they will also often be attracted to the garbage bags and spoiled food that many people will store in their yards.

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